Julia Gillard, Grace Tame, Emma Watkins and more mark the International Day of the Girl Child for 2021

''The only way you will know what you are capable of achieving is by trying.''
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October 11 marked the International Day of the Girl Child and influential men and women around the world stood up in support of the important occasion.

The day was honoured as part of the Generation Equality Forum’s (GEF) five-year commitment to close the online gender gap, with a theme of “Digital generation. Our generation.”

It seems only fitting, then, that powerful women took to social media to voice their support of the day and what it means to them.

Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, kicked off the day with a nostalgic and inspiring post on Instagram.

Now a number of other key women (and men!) in Australia and abroad have joined in celebrating the important day.

Keep scrolling to see how key women have marked the International Day of the Girl Child today.

Julia Gillard

Taking to Instagram with a sweet photo of herself as a young girl, Julia penned a moving caption filled with advice for her younger self.

“As part of International Day of the Girl on Oct 11, I’m reflecting on the advice I would give my younger self (pictured here!)

“The only way you will know what you are capable of achieving is by trying, and sometimes failing, but then trying again,” she wrote.

“As you move through life, not everyone will like you, or what you are trying to achieve, but that’s okay.

“Nurture a strong sense of self, and a clear purpose for what you are doing, and doors you never imagined possible will open.”

Grace Tame

Grace Tame voiced her support for the day.


This year’s Australian of the Year Grace Tame shared a video of herself participating in the #EmpowerMoves trend to mark the International Day of the Girl Child.

Posting the clip of her dancing to Instagram, Grace shared her support for the trend, which began on TikTok.

It was started by UN Women Australia and the dance is build around a set of basic self-defence actions, which have been choreographed into the dance.

“UN Women Australia’s #EmpowerMoves invites girls to celebrate International Day of the Girl by coming together on TikTok to show their voice in support of a strong and equal future for themselves,” UN Women Australia said in a press release.

Emma Watkins (The Yellow Wiggle)

Emma marked the International Day of the Girl Child with a series of photos of herself with young girls she’s met through her work with The Wiggles and UNICEF Australia.

“Happy #DayoftheGirl 💛 Resilience. Creativity. Joy,” she captioned the images.

Emma regularly works with young children, especially sick and disadvantaged kids, and brightens their lives as the Yellow Wiggle.

Terri and Robert Irwin

The Irwin family marked the special day in a few ways, with Terri kicking things off with a Twitter post on Tuesday.

“Girls deserve equality, education, opportunity, and hope for the future. Girls should grow up to achieve their goals and become leaders in their chosen fields,” she penned.

“We must let a girl’s light shine and imbue her with strength, optimism, and power. Always. #InternationalDayoftheGirl”

She shared the moving message alongside a photo of daughter Bindi Irwin and granddaughter Grace.

Terri’s son Robert followed up his mum’s post by resharing a screenshot onto Instagram on Wednesday with the caption “Love this 🙌🏼”

David Beckham

David Beckham dedicated his post on the Day of the Girl to his daughter, Harper, and girls around the world including British tennis champ Emma Raducanu, poet Amanda Gorman and activist Malala Yousafzai.

“Today on #DayOfTheGirl, I’m celebrating all girls around the world who are breaking down barriers and working hard to make a positive change,” he wrote on Instagram.

“These girls make me so excited about the future ahead and the inspiration my daughter Harper Seven has because of their determination.”

Michelle Obama

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama took to Instagram to mark the day with a post honouring “the power and promise of young women all over the world.”

She posted a collection of images of a girl named Rachel, an over-18 student working hard to get an education in Namibia.

“Rachel is determined to finish school because she believes that her education can unlock doors for her entire family,” Michelle wrote.

“She’s right—and that’s why today, Rachel is taking over my Instagram Stories to tell us about herself and shine a light on how important it is to empower girls all around the world.”

Michelle then urged her followers to donate to causes that support girls around the world, writing: “Every bit of support makes a difference—not just on this day, but all year long.”

Senator Jenny McAllister

Jenny shared this photo of herself as a child.


Australian politician, Senator Jenny McAllister took to Instagram with this photo of herself as a child, as well as a powerful message.

“Today is International Day of the Girl Child. Here’s me at 7,” she penned.

“My hope for Australian girls is that they can dream big, and grow up to contribute freely and safely to our world.”

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