What your Christmas decorating style says about you

Are you a traditionalist or luxe celebrator?

There’s something magical about the festive season, brought to life even more so with yuletide wreaths, ornaments, garlands, ribbons, a showstopping tree and tinsel that brings a home to life.

It’s the one time of the year where we’re given free license to be creative, indulgent, decadent, traditional or take on a whole new style reserved for the holiday season. And why not? Your home is your palace, and a place for creating cherished memories with family, a place of fun, connection, welcoming warmth, intimate gatherings and gift-giving with family and friends.

One of the many wonderful things about Christmas is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating. The way you decorate your home is entirely up to you and should be an expression of you, the mood you wish to create and your household’s style.

Here, we share three top Christmas styling themes with tips to recreate. Take your pick for the perfect theme that represents you…

Modern Glamour

When one thinks ‘gold’, we typically conjure up images of glamour, luxury, splendour and decadence.

Certainly glamorous, warm, and always on trend, if this glistening hue is your go-to come the holiday season, you likely take celebrating (and your decorating) seriously, and aren’t afraid to indulge your flights of fancy.

For you, the holidays are all about personality, pizzazz, and making a statement. The more sparkle, the better! No pattern, colour or piece of décor is too bright (or too extravagant) – and that’s exactly how you like it.

To get your home ready for all the seasonal festivities, Myer is the one-stop shop destination for all your Christmas needs. From traditional to contemporary styles, there’s a range of different options and themes for you to deck your halls from the front door to the Christmas tree and beyond.

Christmas theme: Modern holiday, featuring a black and white monochrome take on Christmas with pops of gold.

Bring your Christmas theme to life with gold as the hero hue, with shimmering metallic accent baubles and hanging crystal ornaments. And for a modern spin, use blacks, whites and neutrals as backdrops to make the statement pieces pop. This colour palette will make your living spaces shine with warmth and a rich, elegant festive feel.

Warming Traditions

When it comes to classic Christmas colour schemes, there’s no pairing quite like traditional red and green. If you find yourself gravitating towards these hues, you’re likely a traditionalist at heart – and your interiors are no exception.

Your abode exudes a classic picture-perfect Christmas, and some of your favourite holiday memories are those spent gathering around the living room with your loved ones.

Christmas theme: Heirloom

Bring your Christmas theme to life with a classic old-school take on holiday cheer, pairing hues of red with pops of green or white for a fresh, contemporary and vibrant feel.

Play jolly Christmas carols, let the smell of pine needles, cinnamon, baked goodies and mulled wine permeate through your home. And don’t forget the festive hero – make the tree topping star or angel placement a family tradition.

PS. A showstopping front door wreath is mandatory!

Colour Chic

More is more when it comes to Christmas and if you find yourself drawn toward unique non-traditional colours, you love to think outside the box and don’t mind experimenting with different colour combinations and trends.

Elevate the style stakes with a glam, opulent and sparkly set-up.

Christmas theme: Luxe, featuring white, gold and jewel tones.

The key to making your living spaces look chic and cohesive lies in what colours you choose and how you pair them with your own interiors.

For example, pale blue and silvers may not be the first colour choices your think of when you hear the word “Christmas”, but once you’ve set the scene with complimentary creamy whites and brushed silvers, rose and snow frosted ornaments, you’d be surprised at just how fun, festive and beautiful this theme is.

Bring your tree to life even more with glass ornaments in bright and pastel blue shades, such as turquoise and cobalt, and place decorative pieces such as silver reindeers and glimmering silver trees to really bring your spaces to life.

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