Simple tweaks to improve your sleep set-up

Get the dreamiest sleep of your life with these budget-friendly tips.

For many of us, getting a good night’s sleep is the stuff of fairytales. In fact, studies reveal that four out of ten Australians regularly experience insufficient sleep.

While there’s a long list of health advice to help improve sleeping habits, there’s one obvious area of improvement, where we can make simple changes to set ourselves on the path to quality shut-eye—the bed.

From top-class pillows to breathable bedding and snuggle-inducing quilts, these are the ingredients every bedroom needs to help you drift off peacefully into the land of nod. Even better, they’re easy on the budget. No need to save up for months to transform your room into a haven of calm—with Amart’s selection, these easy updates come with a guilt-free price tag and a Pinterest-worthy style.

The new Perago Home collection has lots of sumptuous options, which are sure to help you enjoy the best sleep of your life. Here’s what to look for.

Fresh new sheets

Simple, huh? A fresh set of sheets will give your bedroom an instant face-lift, not to mention an extra layer of comfort to enhance your sleeping experience. You’ll wake up on the right side of the bed every morning without fail, and the invigorating aesthetics of your room will give you happy vibes to start your day.

The range of thread counts and fabric types on offer can make choosing new sheets a challenge, but perhaps this little breakdown with help…

Linen vs cotton

Linen is a great option for regulating temperature. In the summer, it’s breathable and will give you plenty of relief on hot nights, while in the winter, its weight and bulk will help you create a snuggly nest-like feeling. Linen gets softer with every wash and feels lovely on the skin. And you can put away your iron, as linen naturally has a relaxed, textured look that’s all part of its charm.

On the other hand, there’s a certain feeling of bliss that comes with climbing into a bed of crisp and clean cotton sheets. Cotton sheets add a luxurious feel to any room, and being a natural fabric, they’ll keep you comfortable all year long. For those with sensitive skin and allergies, hypoallergenic cotton is a great choice, eliminating the irritation and itchiness you may have previously experienced.

Top-quality quilts

Once you’ve got your sheets sorted, it’s time to think about what will go on top. A good-quality quilt is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you tend to spend your nights tossing and turning. Quilts are the easiest way to create a soft, cocoon-like shield against the outside world and are the ultimate in comfort. You’ll never want to leave your bed! The range at Amart will give you plenty of comfort without breaking the bank.

With the perfect quilt for your needs, you’ll be wafting peacefully into sleep as soon as you close your eyes. Here are a few ideas to help you pick the best one for you.

Lightweight vs heavy

For maximum warmth, wool’s your best bet. The keratin in wool’s fibres helps regulate temperature to keep you toasty and warm, while its super-soft fibres will feel like a hug from a cloud. You’ll get plenty of value out of your wool quilt, too, with its elastic natural fibres that make it durable and long-lasting.

In summer, look for a bamboo or cotton quilt as an ultralight option. They’re the ideal choice for fussy sleepers, with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and comfortable in the hot months. Famous for their hypoallergenic prowess, they’ll keep even the most sensitive allergies at bay. A great option for kids, too.

As a trans-seasonal option, a premium-quality polyester blend is a great middle-ground option, and kinder on the budget, too. But it’s no downgrade, with tightly woven fibres that feel luxuriously silky and smooth to the touch. Polyester blends don’t hold odour and are machine-washable, making them an ideal choice if you have pets who like to share the bed.

Brought to you by Amart. Check out their new nook mattress here to give your bedroom the spruce it needs, and rave to your friends and family about that amazing night’s sleep you had last night.

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