Jamie Oliver and Jools give fans a peek inside their glorious home and we’re SO jealous

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Jamie Oliver has opened the doors to his stunning home, and it’s just as drool-worthy as the food we’ve come to expect from the iconic chef.

Jamie and wife Jools bought the charming family home in Hampstead, north London for a cool £8.95 million ($15.62 million) last year, according to The Daily Mail.

Of course, the sprawling estate is also home to the couple’s five children — Poppy, 15, Daisy 14, Petal, eight, Buddy, seven, and River, 16 months.

The eclectic mansion reportedly boasts seven bedrooms and a traditional country-style kitchen complete with floating island, hanging pots, blown-glass pendants and a wood-fired oven fitted into the wall.

Jools, who designs children’s clothing and homewares, shared a number of photos to her Instagram page — from the master bedroom to the music room and the dining nook — but perhaps our favourite is a snap showing little River luxuriating in a bath all of his own!

Jamie recently marked his wife’s birthday by posting a photo of the mother-of-five holding their youngest in a front-facing baby carrier.

The sweet birthday tribute took a negative turn when commentators lashed out over the use of the baby-holding device, with many citing it “dangerous” for the child.

One mum wrote, “Happy birthday. But please never use that carrier again,” explaining, “It’s not ergonomic for the child and can cause hip dysplasia. Use a carrier that support from knee to knee.”

Another lashed out, saying, “Poor baby looks so uncomfortable! With all the money you have, you’d think you’d listen to the advice, not put your baby in danger and buy an ergonomic carrier!”

While another stressed the importance of researching the proper way to hold a child.

In their comment, they shared, “Please do your research or ask your physio; narrow-based carriers are not only dangerous but also uncomfortable for baby.”

“River doesn’t look particularly cosy in that pic, they should never front face. Also hip dysplasia can be undiagnosed in 15% of babies.”

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Of course, others voiced their support for the celebrity couple.

“Happy birthday and to everyone else I am sure after all the kids they’ve had they know what they’re doing,” one mused.

While one user passionately defended the mum-of-five, saying, “For all the negative people if you look properly baby River is in a harness which is attached to his very capable mummy get a life and stop hating!! Happy birthday Jools! You look amazing!! Xx”

When it comes to learning what works with your baby, it’s always best to check with your medical health professional.

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