The upcycle series: 4 easy craft projects you can do with a coffee jar

These genius DIY ideas will instantly brighten your home and inspire your moment of me-time.
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If you’ve been spending more time at home lately, you may be looking for new ways to upgrade your space. Thankfully, not every piece of new décor has to cost an arm and a leg, and with a little creativity, household items can be re-invented to create entirely new objects. The best part? Projects like this force you stop and take a moment for yourself, a sentiment that seems more pertinent than ever these days. In this special video series, we turn four inspirational Moccona limited edition jars into fabulous DIY creations that will instantly bring light, colour and positivity into your space. More importantly, they’re fun, easy and relaxing to make.

DIY Jar Candle

If you’re looking to step up your self-care game, this DIY jar candle project (above) is for you. As Now To Love Lifestyle & Health Editor Rebecca Sullivan explains, you don’t need to be a craft expert to pull this one off. Simply pick your favourite inspirational Moccona jar design, then place the mixing pot into a pan and heat up to 180 degrees celsius. Next, mix in the essential oils and leave to cool. Glue the wicks to the bottom of the jar with a glue gun, pour the wax into a jar, set it overnight and trim the wick. Your home will be beautifully and uniquely lit, and the ambience will help you relax.

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DIY Hanging Succulent

Indoor plants are definitely having a moment, and succulents are some of the easiest to grow. Bonus? A little greenery is also proven to be good for your mental health. Here, Homes To Love Digital Editor, Olivia Clarke, shows how to make a truly unique creation that will also add a splash of colour to your home – and it takes less than five minutes. Firstly, pick your favourite inspirational Moccona jar design. Tie the string around the rim of the jay, fill the base of the jar with soil and plant the succulent. Hang your succulent and enjoy!

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DIY Kids’ Jar Fairy Light

If you’re looking for a project you can enjoy with the kids that’s also easy and fun to make, all you need is an empty Moccona coffee jar. As demonstrated by Nicole Byers, Editor-In-Chief, The Australian Woman’s Weekly, it’s simple to create a DIY kid’s jar fairy light. To start, pick your favourite inspirational Moccona jar design and coat the inside with glue. Next, sprinkle glitter into the jar. Untangle the fairy lights and place them in the jar. Close the lid and admire your creation – your kids certainly will!

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DIY Rose Aromatherapy Bath Salts

For the ultimate indulgent pick-me-up, try this unique rose aromatherapy bath salts jar project. “After a long day, what’s nicer than a long, hot soak in the tub?” asks Nicole Byers, Editor-In-Chief, The Australian Woman’s Weekly. To follow her lead, simply pick your favourite inspirational Moccona jar design, place salt into a bowl and add a drop of perfumed/aromatherapy oil. Add rose petals to the mix, then fill the jar with the rose mix and add to the bath. To finish, indulge in an aromatic bath that will de-stress you in no time.

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