How to style your coffee table

Coffee table décor ideas for those lacking inspiration.
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While many may think the couch or TV are the focal point of the living room, the real attention-grabber has always been the coffee table. The low-lying tables are often placed in the middle of a sitting area and are designed to support beverages, remotes, books, and decorative objects.

The focal tables, however, often fall victim to the following scenarios: bareness, stacked with magazines and junk, or riddled with empty cups and/or food. Feeling stuck on how to decorate your own coffee table? Attract attention in the right way with the following product ideas. Soon enough, you’ll have an uber-cool coffee table to be proud of.

Citta Design Brass Pebble Tray

(Image: RJ Living)

Citta Design Brass Pebble Tray, $109 at RJ Living

A decorative tray is the perfect way to organise aesthetically. Adding a sense of depth and colour, they can also create a sense of contrast. Rather than simply placing items on the table itself, trays can break up a colour scheme, making the perfect base for a decorative stack. Depending on size and shape, vases, glassware, or candles can be placed on top.

Depending on your living room’s theme, trays can also create a sense of uniformity. Gold accents splashed throughout the living room can be tied together through the simple addition of a brass tray.

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Medium/Skinny Half-Dipped Stoneware Vase

(Image: West Elm)

Medium/Skinny Half-Dipped Stoneware Vase, $39 at West Elm

Vases are the perfect way to add height variety to a table spread. For a pop of colour a ‘la Scandi style, opt for a sheer pastel or glossy monochrome. For a hint of texture, a dual-finish vase can set the scene for the rest of the decor. Finish with a posy of fresh flowers and you’re done!

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Black Blaze Curl Curl Candle

(Image: The Iconic)

Black Blaze Curl Curl Candle, $59 at The Iconic

When decorating, you can never go wrong with a candle. Go against the grain with a sculptural stick candle. Warning: they may be too pretty to burn! If scent’s what you’re looking for, a jar candle is is also a great, easily maintainable option.

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Yayoi Kusama by Tatehata, Hoptman, Kultermann and Taft

(Image: Bed Threads)

Yayoi Kusama by Tatehata, Hoptman, Kultermann and Taft, $90 at Bed Threads

Coffee table books are a no-brainer. They’re practically made for the task of looking pretty on your table! When it comes to options, you’ve got endless to choose from. Whether you’re after a single book or stack, opt for colours that mesh with your room. When arranging your items, just remember asymmetry is your friend. Opt for odd numbers!

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Magic Magnetic Vases, Gold (Set of 5)

(Image: Hardtofind)

Magic Magnetic Vases, Gold (Set of 5), $99 at Hardtofind

If unique is your thing, this set of five single-stem vases is quite possibly perfect. Held up by magnetic bases (which can be attached through a cloth or glass), these pieces are certainly a show-stopper. When opting for unique décor, make sure to keep the rest of the table fairly bare.

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