10 mind-boggling Christmas tree decorations

For these creative families, Christmas evening is going to be FAR from a silent night!
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We may be used to seeing the typical pine tree with lights, ribbons, and round ornaments during the holiday season. But these families decided to take a more creative approach by adding some of the most unexpected decorations to their Christmas trees.

For instance, have you ever considered using DVDs and candy bars as ornaments? Or what about stuffed teddy bears and sewing kits?

We know they sound like crazy ideas, but when you see these amazing examples, you just might change your mind!

Why have a sewing kit when you can just chuck it all on your tree?

It’s the perfect way to make your holiday tree look stylish with some cool threads! (Get it?)

Credit: Pinterest

Is is a frock? Or is this a Christmas tree… skirt?

How gorgeous is this Christmas tree? If it were a real dress, we just might wear it!

Credit: Pinterest

This too-cute teddy-bear tree would keep the kids entertained for hours!

If you’ve got a house full of stuffed animals, use this as your inspiration to try something new!

Credit: Pinterest

This Hot Wheels Christmas tree is creativity squared!

This Hot Wheels Christmas tree is every little boy’s dream come true.

Credit: Pinterest

All we want for Christmas is this movie-reel tree, with Elf perched on top.

We imagine this Christmas tree came in pretty handy on movie nights!

Credit: Pinterest

For the record, this disc-loaded Christmas Tree is as brilliant as it is blue.

This vintage-themed Christmas tree is making us wish we could time-travel back a few decades!

Credit: Pinterest

May the force be with anyone who opts for a Darth Vadar-inspired Christmas tree.

It’s the perfect way to ensure that the Force is with you this holiday season.

Credit: Pinterest

Wingardium Leviosa, candles! This Harry Potter Christmas tree is beyond magical.

This Harry Potter Christmas tree looks like it’s ready to fly off on that broomstick.

Credit: Pinterest

This travel addict’s Christmas tree is a spot to put all of those silly souvenirs you’ve bought while on holiday, but never actually use…

So this is what happens when you combine travel-addicts with Christmas trees.

Credit: Pinterest

We don’t even know where to begin with this Superhero Christmas tree…

This mum and her kids must’ve had a lot of fun creating this superhero tree! We wonder if it has super powers.

Credit: Pinterest

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