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From pizza to curry, these are the best gluten-free restaurants coeliacs will love

Looking to eat in? Check out Australia's top gluten-free take-away meals.
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Gluten-free? Don’t worry, these delicious restaurants and takeaway options have been voted the BEST by Australia’s largest food delivery service, Menulog.

1 in 70 Australian’s have Coeliac disease, and 1 in 4 remain undiagnosed – it’s a disease with many faces, and for some, the consequences can be deadly.

Coeliac Awareness Week will be taking place March 13th – 20th and aims to highlight the faces of Coeliac disease that get left behind.

These are Australia’s top ten favourite gluten-free restaurants, meals and takeaways.

These are Australia’s top ten favourite gluten-free restaurants: meals and takeaways

1. Loving Hut – Northcote, VIC

Classic Sweet & Sour with the option of Battered Pork or Eggplant & Tofu, with a hint of spice

2. Knoxfield Thai Restaurant – Knoxfield, VIC

Tom Sabb – Thai eastern style spicy & sour soup with sweet basil, dried chilli and ground roasted rice

3. Chilli Jam Thai – Concord, NSW

Tom Kha Gai Soup – Mild coconut milk soup with chicken breast flavoured with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and chilli jam

4. Luck Thai – South Yarra, VIC

A rich panang curry paste lightly pan fried in luscious coconut cream with Thai basil, vegetables and your choice of meat

5. Oriental Healthy- Redfern, NSW

Traditional Thai green curry with authentic green chilli paste, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, sliced bamboo shoots, Thai basil, coconut cream and served with aromatic steamed organic quinoa and brown rice

6. Chutney Marys Indian – Subiaco, WA

Butter Chicken – Tandoori chicken fillets in creamy sauce with butter, tomato and spices – the most popular Indian dish in Australia (second image)

7. Enoggera Lotus Room Chinese Restaurant – Alderley, QLD

King Prawns or Scallops with Chili Sauce and a little bit of spice

8. Manoosh Pizzeria – Enmore & Marrickville, NSW

Zaatar Bread- A delicious mix of ground thyme, sesame seeds and sumac (third image)

9. Society Pizzeria Di Catania – Bondi, NSW

Pizza Bianca with fior di latte, wild mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, shaved grana padano and truffle oil

10. The Colonial – Darlinghurst, NSW

Rogan Josh: With origins in Kashmir at the time of the Moghul emperors, This dish is cooked in garlic and herbs with lots of tomatoes; delicately flavoured with aromatic whole spices.

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