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We tried Jamie Oliver’s two-ingredient pasta and it’s the perfect isolation recipe for any skill level

And one of those ingredients is WATER!
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In these uncertain times there’s one thing you can always rely on: a good Jamie Oliver recipe.

The beloved British chef knows how to make delicious, wholesome food, that’s usually pretty achievable at home.

His new series on 10, Keep Cooking And Carry On, is serving up his best recipes with a self-isolation twist.

“Let’s celebrate freezer faves, big up the store cupboard and get creative with whatever we have to hand,” he says.

Jamie knows the way to our hearts: through food.

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While we recommend you tune in because a) great recipes using an isolation pantry items, and b) something to do during isolation other than binge more TV, there is one of Jamie’s recipes we had to try ourselves: his two-ingredient pasta.

Two ingredients! One of which is water – does that really count as an ingredient?

“My easy homemade pasta recipe is great for emergencies. You don’t need a pasta machine, just a rolling pin.”

For those whose forte is not cooking, so you don’t own a rolling pin, use a bottle of wine – like us.

The end result.

(Image: Jamie Oliver)


2 large handfuls of plain flour, plus extra for dusting

This recipe is so simple, it doesn’t even require proper measurements.


  • Put the flour in a bowl, then gradually mix in just enough water to bring it together into a ball of dough (if it’s sticky, add a little extra flour).

  • Knead for just a couple of minutes, or until smooth and shiny.

This took us more than a few minutes, so don’t get frustrated and think you’ve already failed if it takes a little longer to smooth the dough.

  • On a flour-dusted surface, use a rolling pin to roll out the pasta to about 2mm thick.

Again, we substituted a rolling pin for a lovely bottle of red. We’d also recommend pouring a glass for an even more enjoyable cooking experience.

No kitchen tools needed!

(Image: supplied)
  • Dust it well with flour, then loosely roll it up. Use a sharp knife to slice it ½cm thick, then toss it with your hands to separate the strands.

Too scared to ruin all our hard work, we gently unravelled rather than tossed.

  • Cook in boiling salted water for 2 minutes, then drain and toss with your chosen sauce.

TWO minutes to cook! Best. Pasta. EVER.

Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking And Carry On is on Sunday’s at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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