Worst-dressed at the Golden Globes

They have the ultimate access to every designer celebrity stylist but even the biggest stars can get it oh-so-wrong!

The 2014 awards season kicks off on Sunday with the annual Golden Globes and to most women that means just one thing: Frocks!

But it’s not just the glamorous and chic that get our pulses racing – we’re just as excited by the fashion faux pas that inevitably strut down every red carpet.

While we wait with bated breath for this year’s sartorial offerings, we look back at some of the best outfits from the Golden Globes hall of shame.

Cher, Diane Keaton, Julia Roberts, Lara Flynn Boyle and Sharon Stone.

And just what else would we expect from Helena Bonham Carter? This Vivienne Westwood creation and mismatched shoes would look ridiculous one anyone else, but Helena kind of pulls it off.

Diane Keaton’s known for being a bit of an oddball but this all white ensemble takes the cake! She might have missed out in the style stakes but took home the award for 2004’s Something’s Gotta Give.

This was an awkward look for Girls creator Lena Dunham who looks like she’s being drowned in her big burgundy gown.

Actress Rinko Kikuchi certainly ballsed up this outfit! The Babel star certainly caused a stir with this Chanel creation.

While Gwyneth Paltrow may be the yardstick for fashion now, it seems this wasn’t always the case, especially in 2000 when she attended the GG’s in this odd number.

Sharon Stone went over-the-top goth in this 2003 Versace disaster! She should have gone with her basic instincts.

Lucy Liu was swamped in this massive rose-patterned Carolina Herrera gown.

Cher or Morticia Addams? The veteran star can push it in the style stakes but in 2010 it was just too bizarre.

This ill-fitting oriental collared suit was not Cate Blanchett’s finest fashion moment.

Marisa Tomei chose ‘bohemian hipster pirate chic’ as her inspiration this year.

It’s risky business dressing for an awards show but lucky comedian, Christine Baranski could hide her face behind some sunnies but too bad she couldn’t conceal her mermaid-cut gown and gloves.

Sarah Michelle Gellar had a rare mis-step in this tie-dyed number.

Halle Berry’s Versace dress has too much going on! Print and cut-out bodice and thigh, OH MY!

Jessica Alba at the 2002 Golden Globes.

Okay, it was the 90’s but Julia Roberts still shouldn’t have borrowed her Dad’s suit to go to the show.

Wowzers! Floor length velevet? C’mon Fergie, even you know better than that!

Julianne Moore wasn’t looking her best in this ill-fitting gown in 2010.

All we can say is thank goodness Lara Flynn Boyle’s David Cardona ballarina inspired outfit was a one-off creation. We never want to see this get up again.

Diane Kruger’s Christian Lacroix gown was far too fussy for our taste.

While normally the envy of everyone, Blake Lively’s scarily ill-fitting silk gown will go down a as reminder that shiny fabrics, just like Joan Rivers, are indiscriminately ruthless to all who cross them.

Heidi Klum; lucky she has a superstar smile.

Did nobody tell Nicole Kidman that she could break character to attend the awards? The actress seemed to make the most of her Moulin Rouge style in her 2004 Yves Saint Laurent outfit.

Madonna… Is that you? Nope! It’s fashion savvy Sarah Jessica Parker who added a blip to her perfect style record with this material girl getup in 2003.

Oh bless her. Poor Pamela Anderson tried to do demure but doesn’t really rock the look.

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