Victoria Beckham’s new collection includes an outfit that looks like pyjamas

This should make the school run that much comfier.
Victoria Beckham

Our prayers have finally been answered – you can now wear pyjamas out of the house and it will be considered perfectly acceptable thanks to Victoria Beckham.

Her latest pre-spring/summer 18 collection, which was unveiled in New York this week, featured many comfortable, oversized outfits but the one the really stood out was this checked dream – reminiscent of flannelette jimjams.

^ So long jeans, we won’t be needing you anymore.

It seems VB may have even had an ulterior motive for designing such a outfit because she was seen wearing the exact ensemble on the streets of NYC after her launch. Sure, some may say that’s just her promoting her new line but we feel that secretly it’s because she shared our dream of wearing crinkled bed-wear out of the house.

^ Hop out of bed and out the door. Just think of the time you’ll save!

If the pyjamas aren’t enough and you’re wondering how you’re going to stay warm this winter in such light linen fabric then VB has the answer to this problem too: a dressing-gown-length coat.

Brilliant. Just imagine running errands in this?! Not even track pants can offer that level of warmth and comfort.

This really is a step forward in the right direction. Well done, VB – we applaud you for helping us curate the wardrobe of our dreams.

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