Sweat, but make it sustainable: The best sustainable activewear brands to shop in Australia

Eco-exercising is trending.
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We live in a world where plastic bags, straws and utensils are on the out (with some conscious effort), and the next big ticket item on the swap-sustainably list is our clothing.

The only thing is, it’s a multi-faceted work, this whole, sustainability thing.

In fashion, there’s the alarming emissions and knock on effects of producing even the simplest of things like a single pair of jeans.

There’s the issue of fast-fashion and mass production from some of the world’s biggest clothing giants.

But as we all know, change starts with the individual – and for some certain niches of the market, sustainability is the name of the game.

Enter activewear. The stretchy, comfy, any-excuse-to-wear-it style has become front and centre of our lives, particularly in 2020 when the world went into lockdown and comfortable clothing took precedence over corporate-wear.

That’s why it’s all the more encouraging to see some Australian labels spurring the activewear fan train along, but in a sustainable way.

From reusing plastic bottles and making them into actual garments, to cultivating and utilising renewable fabrics – we look at the best sustainable activewear brands you can shop right now in Australia.



Known for their incredibly comfortable and sustainable underwear made from organically sourced bamboo, Boody’s, activewear range is just as comfy and includes high-waisted tights (with pockets!), active tank tops, sports bras and yoga pants in wearable colours and designs that will fit seamlessly in your workout fit rotation.



DK Active

DK Activewear prides itself as one of Australia’s most forward thinking activewear brands. It uses eco-friendly fabrics, and is certified by PETA as vegan. Their pieces are made with quality and consciousness top of mind – sounds like a winner in our eyes.

Shop the range at DK Active

Shop the range at THE ICONIC

Shop the range at The Dom


Nimble Activewear

Nimble Activewear has one clear objective – environmentally friendly and made ethically. That kinda rhymes, and really, it is harmonious with the brand’s stunning designs, all of which are made with the ethos of reducing unnecessary waste and with as many recycled fibres as possible. They also have a COMPRESSLITETM range, which has been created with fabric made using post-consumer recycled plastic bottles which have been GRS certified.


Kusaga Activewear

Kusaga Activewear

Creating a fabric that uses less than one per cent of the water needed to make an average cotton T-shirt, you could say Kusaga Activewear is a leader in the sustainable activewear movement. Their range of aptly named ‘greenest tee’s’ are the perfect workout essential.


Vege Threads

Vege Threads

Vege Threads has an entire collection dedicated to yoga, and it perfectly reflects their earthy ethos. Every single item of their clothing is 100 per cent produced in Australia using organic and eco-friendly materials and limited dyes.


Team Timbuktu

Team Timbuktu

Team Timbuktu is a local brand founded by Rhianna Knight while she was hiking through Patagonia wearing really uncomfortable “ugly” clothing. The worst part was that the clothing was made from fabrics that weren’t environmentally friendly – so why have ugly clothes that are bad for the earth? Rhianna answered this question by launching Team Timbuktu, a brand that utilises old water bottles and turns them into activewear.


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