This the right way to wash your lingerie

It turns out you've been washing your underwear all wrong...

There’s something enchanting about finding that perfect underwear set, but splashing out can often feel too indulgent when there are bills to pay – not to mention the fact that lingerie never seems to last as long as you’d hoped.

But it turns out that if you’re not caring for your underwear correctly, it won’t go the distance. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to ensure your lingerie stays as good as new. Allison Beale, Marketing and Brand Director of lingerie brand Journelle, gave Bustle her top tips for taking care of your undies:

1 Do not wash your bras after each wear.

You probably believe that the most hygienic way to care for your bras is with regular washing, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Allison recommends that you wash them after every seven wears, because “Constant washing can break down materials that provide support, and can damage the bra’s structure.”

2 Hand wash your lingerie.

Constantly left wondering why your underwire is poking through the bra’s material? You should be hand washing them rather than putting them in the washing machine, to protect the delicate fabrics. Simply fill a basin with lukewarm water with some delicate lingerie wash, and swirl it around.

3 Never machine dry

If a washing machine can shrink your smalls, imagine the damage a dryer can do. Always leave your underwear to air dry and it’ll last much longer and continue to support you.

4 Hang your lingerie

Chances are most of us don’t have the space to hang up our undies, but if you really want to get the most out of that expensive set, avoid folding it inside a drawer. Hanging will keep the shape and avoid twist any silk or lace pieces.

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