Five plus size Instagram accounts you should follow right now

Because our Instagram feeds should bring us joy, not make us feel bad about ourselves.
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If you’re finding that your Instagram feed is feeling a little uninspiring of late, it might be time to think about following some different accounts.

There are loads of brilliant ladies on Instagram who offer up amazing fashion inspo, designed for figures that look a little more like the average Australian woman, rather than just sample-size bodies.

We’ve had a trawl through the ‘gram and rounded up five accounts from women who give us constant style ideas.

Plus they have the inside scoop on cool, chic brands that offer a diverse range of sizes – take our money, please?

So if you’re looking for some fabulous new women to follow, we’ve got you covered.

Keep on scrolling for five awesome Instagram accounts you should follow right now.

Let Me Try Before You Buy

Natalie Angel’s Instagram account started out from a simple idea – showing women what clothes look like before they buy them.

(Image: Supplied)

Natalie Angel was trying to sell some of her old clothes in a Facebook group when she stumbled across an exciting business idea. In an attempt to help other women in the group understand the size and fit of what she was selling, Natalie began making quick videos.

“I thought it would be helpful if I just did some videos of me trying on the garments,” Natalie told Now To Love last year.

“Then I was getting these messages from members of the group going, ‘oh thank you so much’ and ‘you’ve helped me so much’ and ‘I struggle with my confidence.’ You know, just beautiful, really long messages saying how grateful they were. It was very touching for me.”

The Australian fashion blogger recognised an opportunity, and began sharing her shopping hauls on Instagram under the name Let Me Try Before You Buy.

Natalie shows women how various different size 16 clothes actually look on a real woman.

(Image: Supplied)

On her channels, Natalie tries on collections from different brands to see how “size 16 friendly” their clothes are. It’s an idea that’s seen her following quickly skyrocket to 34,000.

“There are so many Australian women who are a size 14 and up, okay, that’s just fact. And yet brands put only size 6-8 women in their marketing campaigns,” she says.

“From a sales background, generally, what successful brands will do is they will market their products to their largest potential customer base – but fashion isn’t doing that! And then they wonder why the size 14 and size 16 up aren’t selling? I want to help women find clothes because the brands are just doing such a bad job.”

Her videos are fun and super helpful – follow Natalie on Instagram here.

Jessica Vander Leahy

Jess showing off her gorgeous body on the ‘gram.

(Image: Instagram)

Jessica is a model and writer who is equally at home in a bikini, chic running gear or a cute summer dress.

She’s particularly great at finding swimwear, lingerie and activewear brands that cater to sizes 14 and up, as well as women with bigger busts.

Jess is fashion-obsessed and wants to show other curvy girls that your wardrobe doesn’t have to be filled with ill-fitting jeans or boring floaty blouses. Women of any size can rock the latest trends – and she’ll show you the brands that are doing it right.

Follow her on Instagram here.

Jess rocking a very on-trend crop top.

(Image: Instagram)

Katie Sturino

Katie Sturino created the viral hashtag #SuperSizeTheLook, where she recreates the outfits of A-list celebs.

(Image: Instagram)

Katie Sturino is a former PR girl-turned beauty entrepreneur. She’s the founder of US beauty brand Megababe, whose rose-smelling natural deodorant and genius products protecting skin against thigh-chafe and boob-sweat consistently sell out overseas.

Sadly, Megababe isn’t available in Australia yet, so in the meantime we get to stalk Katie’s awesome Instagram account.

She’s the creator of several viral hashtags, including #MakeMySize, where she lobbies fashion brands to increase their size ranges by posting photos of herself trying on their clothes, proving that even their biggest sizes are too small for the average woman.

Katie also created the #SuperSizeTheLook hashtag, where she recreates chic outfits worn by celebs including Meghan Markle and Amal Clooney, using affordable and body-diverse clothing alternatives.

She fights hard against diet culture and the often damaging messaging women receive about our bodies from the world. Her account is the perfect pick-me-up on those days when you’re feeling a bit down and out.

Follow her on Instagram here.

Katie recreating one of Amal Clooney’s chicest looks.

(Image: Instagram)

One of Katie’s famous #MakeMySize posts, where she shows big retailers that even their largest sizes are too small for many women.

(Image: Instagram)

Bree McCann

Bree rocking the hell out of a bikini.

(Image: Instagram)

Bree is a model and now the founder of her own swimwear brand Code B.

If you’ve ever had one of those days where you don’t feel like wearing a bikini to the beach, Bree will help to prove you wrong.

She rocks her curves in her bikini and is strongly against retouching, so you’ll see both her killer abs and cellulite and stretch marks on display, with zero shame whatsoever.

So if you ever catch yourself thinking you’re not “bikini body ready” yet, Bree is here to remind us that all anyone needs is a bikini and a body to be all set for a day at the beach.

Bree looking gorgeous in her undies.

(Image: Instagram)

WATCH BELOW: “I am a plus size model, not a plus size person”. Story continues after video.

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Fat Mum Slim

Chantell is the co-founder of fashion label Ada and Lou.

(Image: INstagram)

Chantelle Ellem, also known as Fat Mum Slim, has a cool 100,000 followers, plus she’s a boho style maven.

She’s one half of fashion label Ada and Lou, a brand with a size range of 14-24, featuring chic and flattering dresses, jumpsuits, tops and skirts for women who love that easy, breezy beachside glam look.

Chantelle also has loads of simple kid-friendly recipes on her blog, proving she is the queen of our two favourite things in life – fashion and food.

Follow Fat Mum Slim on Instagram here.

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