Going for g…bronze? The cast of Neighbours’ most iconic outfits at the TV WEEK Logies are a sight to behold

The 2000s revival you never knew you needed.
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The only thing more constant than Australian nightly soap Neighbours, are the outfits worn by the Neighbours cast to the TV WEEK Logie Awards each year.

Oh yes, the residents of Ramsay Street are quite the colourful bunch IRL, and we’re not just talking about their quirky personalities.

We’ve witnessed some epic fashion displays from the array of actors who’ve graced the soap over the years.

From Natalie Bassingthwaighte to Natalie Blair, and of course the TV stalwart Jodi Gordon, these stunning starlets have turned it up and out for the world to see as they frequented the Logies red carpet.

And like the perfect time warp, their looks more than matched up with the styles of the time.

We take a look back at the cast’s best fashion moments from the event over the years.


Madeleine West 2002

Madeleine West was a silver fox in 2002 as she rocked the Logies red carpet in this eye-catching satin design.


2004 Stephanie Macintosh

Stephanie Macintosh could have been mistaken for Britney Spears in her Baby One More Time hey-day at the 2004 Logie Awards.


2004 Patrick Harvey and Jay Bunyan

Oh yes, 2004 was quite the time. Remember when pinstripe and tartan suits were a thing? Patrick Harvey and Jay Bunyan certainly do…


2005 Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Marisa Warrington and Natalie Blair

Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Marisa Warrington and Natalie Blair were a white out in 2005.


2006 Stephanie McIntosh Chris Noth

Joined by Sex and the City star Chris Noth, Stephanie McIntosh was radiant on the red carpet in 2006.


2007 Jodi Gordon

Jodi Gordon is ever the sophisticated muse – her dark, trained 2007 dress is case in point.


2007 Natalie Blair

Natalie Blair’s halter-neck mossy green style practically screamed 2007.

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Looking Back with Madeleine West


2007 Pippa Black

Pippa Black looked like a Disney princess that same year.


2007 Stephanie McIntosh

Stephanie McIntosh’s mermaid-esque design, complete with a very bronzed glow was also a head-turner.


2008 Jodi Gordon

Jodi opted for a little something different in 2008 – these feathers and sequins were a combo and a half.



What a line up!


2009 Ian Smith and Kym Valentine

Ian Smith and Kym Valentine were all smiles in 2009.


2017 Jodi Gordon

The former Home & Away star Jodi one upped her previous displays in 2017 with this striking pink number. Nailed the Angelina Jolie pose, might we add.


2019 Olivia Junkeer

Newcomer Olivia Junkeer wowed in 2019 with this unique cut out design – we’re transfixed!


2019 Sharon Johal

A touch of zest from Sharon Johal brightened up the night that same year – we definitely didn’t miss her in the crowd!

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