Elizabeth Hurley is randomly posing in a bikini with her cat but DANG look at that bod…

She's 52 and feline fabulous!
liz hurley swimwear

Why hire models to flaunt your latest swimwear designs when you look this good yourself?

Last year, as previously reported by The Weekly, Elizabeth Hurley had begun flooding Instagram with bikini pictures this week and she looks nothing short of incredible.

Just look at her:

And just over a year on, this mother-of-one is keeping at it, but this time, she has decided to change up her usual poolside snaps with a cuddle-up bikini shot with her, err, cat.

Yes, her cat.

Strange kitten pic aside, while the 52-year-old may look like she’s worked hard to defy the ageing process, Liz insists that she doesn’t spend much time thinking about it.

“If you’ve got time to think about ageing then you’re not busy enough,” she told People in 2015.

“Being busy and interested is the key to being attractive. Narcissistic bores who stare at themselves in the mirror for hours are the dullest people on earth.”

But she has had to make some sacrifices, admitting that she’s cut chips, bread, pasta and cheese from her diet. So basically all of the most delicious diet staples.

Sigh. Life is cruel.

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