This woman spent nearly $12k to look like Duchess Catherine

From designer dresses to lipstick, there is no limit.
Kate Urbanksa replicates Duchess Catherine

In just under a year Kate Urbanksa has transformed her wardrobe to almost fully resemble Duchess Catherine’s, at a fraction of the cost. But instead of resorting to “high-street replicas,” Kate likes to buy “the exact high-end outfit the princess wore” but that doesn’t mean a high-end price tag.

“I’m always looking for bargains,” Kate told the Daily Mail and she checks “eBay and online auctions daily […] It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the bus or waiting in line for something, whenever I have a spare moment, I’m always checking the different sites.”

Kate is a beautician and lives in Berkshire, UK, and first fell for the Duchess’ style before she was even royalty. A photo of then-Kate Middleton wearing a blue dress from high-street retailer Zara in 2011 was the catalyst for her new-found fascination.

The outfit that started it all.

Catherine’s influence was immediately felt, as according to The Sun Kate rushed to her local Zara as soon as she saw the photo to buy the dress, and even splashed out nearly $500 on the exact same wedge heels.

“There was something about the Duchess’ style that instantly struck a chord,” Kate said. “Her look is modest, timeless and so different compared to other celebrities nowadays.”

A designer price tag doesn’t stop the fan from getting her hands on the same piece as the Duchess. Along with eBay, Kate relies on seasonal sales, Etsy and tailors to custom make items for her.

This red Alexander McQueen dress has been worn by the Catherine on countless occasions, but was purchased from Etsy by Kate for $168, whereas the McQueen design would retail closer to $2378.

A simple, blue Stella McCartney dress worn by the Duchess in 2012 retails for approximately $830, while Kate’s tailor-made version was only $50.

Kate has also replicated Catherine’s maternity outfits, even though she wasn’t pregnant herself.

This recognisable Seraphine Marina Maternity Coat is on sale now for $452.

This green-and-blue maternity dress, also by Seraphine, was a favourite choice back in 2015.

Kate’s desire to replicate as much of Duchess Catherine’s looks as possible even extends to beauty and makeup.

“I love The Duchess’ clothes of course, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t tried her skincare routine too,” Kate told the Daily Mail.

“I’m a natural long-haired brunette” Kate said, but that’s not where the similarities end. Kate purchased the Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream, rumoured to be a favourite of Catherine’s, and even got her hands on a lipstick in Sandwash Pink and the Shimmer Brick bronzer, both by Bobbi Brown, which are both said to be a favourite of the royal.

Kate is documenting her fashion adventures on Instagram, but no word yet from the Palace about what they think of her copycat skills.

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