The unexpected hidden meaning behind Kate Middleton’s stunning Wimbledon earrings

She wears them on a very special day of the year.
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When Kate Middleton stepped out at the Wimbledon men’s final for 2019, it would be safe to say we were enamoured by her stunning wardrobe choice.

And while her powder blue dress by Emilia Wickstead immediately commanded the attention of our inner-fashion fanatic, there was something else about her outfit that was possibly even more special.

The Wimbledon match was an unforgettable one, not least because of Kate’s meme-worthy strained expressions that crossed her face over the course of the almost five-hour battle between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

And now, thanks to one eagle-eyed royal fan, there is also another, rather sweet message behind the Duchess’ appearance at the match, and it’s got everything to do with another well-known royal.

Yep, and it all starts with those divine earrings.

Wills knows what’s up! Kate’s earrings had a special meaning, it seems.


The beautiful pearl accessories looked perfect with Kate’s sea blue outfit, and funnily enough, we’ve actually seen her wear them before … on the exact same day last year when Kate again attended Wimbledon on July 14th.

But it doesn’t end there – Kate was also spotted wearing them in January 2018 when she was visiting Sweden during a joint appearance with Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

So what’s the connection, you might ask? Well, as it happens, the Swedish royal’s birthday is on July 14th!

Kate was seen wearing the exact same earrings when she met Crown Princess Victoria in Sweden.


A keen-eyed royal fan noticed the connection, sharing their thoughts on their Twitter account @Japanese_Ginger writing: “Just thought of something… Kate has worn her earrings by Swedish brand In2Design the last 2 years on July 14th, the birthday of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.”‘

Indeed the earrings are by a Swedish brand and it would make sense for Kate to opt for a style that was created in the country her Swedish friend and fellow royal resides, on the day of her birthday.

So it might well mean that the earrings were a subtle way for Kate to wish Victoria a happy birthday!

WATCH: Kate Middleton doles out the high fives in Sweden. Story continues after video…

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Where you can buy Kate’s pearl earrings

If you’re a big fan of Kate’s style of earrings (which we’ll safely assume you are) then take heed: The style are known as the ‘Baroque Pearl’ and cost AUD $215.

Not exactly cheap per se, but by royal standards it’s definitely on the reasonable side!

Kate’s ‘Baroque Pearl’ earrings are by In2Design and cost AUD $215.


And if Kate’s exact choice in earrings pushes the budget a little too much, there are plenty of similar options out there.

These beautiful Ocean Mantra earrings are case in point. They’re available for $65 on The Iconic, and guaranteed to add a touch of chic to any outfit.

Ocean Mantra Belle Mare Drop Earrings, $65. Buy them here.

Or if you wanted to mix up the look, these gorgeous Carly Paiker hooped pearls will do the trick.

The striking addition of the golden hoop will look chic and beautiful on any fashion-fanatic.

Carly Paiker Aurora Baroque Pearl Hoops, $139. Buy them here.

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