5 reasons why the Yeezy Season 4 fashion show was a disaster

While Kanye West’s New York Fashion Week show was intended to be a huge success, many are deeming it a hot mess…
Yeezy season 4

1. The Models could barely walk in their shoes

The struggle was literally real for many of the Yeezy models. Amina Blue, a former flame of rapper Tyga, was so fed up with her uncomfortable shoes that at one point she removed them all together before strutting down the runway barefoot.

A second model did her very best to make it down the lengthy podium in her designated over-the-knee boots, but after countless wobbles and several near-tumbles, Bruce Pask, the men’s fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, eventually came to her rescue and helped escort her down the runway.

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2. Guests were shuttled to the venue in packed buses

In a bid to keep the show as exclusive as possible, Kanye gave his attendees their invites on the morning of the show.

But instead of taking taxis and SUVs to shows in the traditional NYFW way, guests were required to wait at a bus stop in a Midtown Manhattan location at 1:30pm – one hour and a half before the show was scheduled to commence, despite the location being less than 10 kilometres away.

A New York Times style reporter compared the method of transport to a “middle school field trip”.

Models waited in the sun for guests to arrive.

3. Models actually fainted as they waited for the show to begin

While guests packed into crowded buses to make their way to the Roosevelt Island location, models and extras were already standing stationary in the autumn sun.

The show began an hour and a half late, in which time the models donning Kanye’s exclusive line were required to stand still and move as little as possible.

After a while, many made the decision to sit down as the sweltering sun began to take a toll. Guests started to assist the dehydrated models by bringing bottles of water to them, which they gladly accepted.

But the heat became too much for one woman, who allegedly passed out before the runway show had even began.

A guests helps a model who struggles to stand.

4. Style editors walked out during the performance

Stella Bugbee, an editor for New York’s magazine’s The Cut tweeted during the show that she felt compelled to leave due to the harsh conditions that the models were forced to work through.

She called out label Adidas, saying that they should be “ashamed”.

“This is shameful and horrible and I regret coming,” she wrote.

“I’d like to see Kanye stand in the hot sun in nude leotards for three hours. #YeezySeason4” she added.

Fashion royalty Anna Wintour appeared bored as she waited for the show to begin.

5. The Kardashians arrived late to the show

Of course, a slew of Kardashian/Jenners turned out in support of Kim’s husband, but their very fashionably late arrival was not appreciated by many.

Many blamed the fact that Kim, Kendall and Kylie’s tardy arrival was responsible for the models having to spend an extra hour and a half in the blistering heat, and while they began to slump and faint, not one Yeezy team member came to their aid.

Fashionably late.

Kanye, however, seemed happy with the show’s outcome.

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