Gok Wan’s style secrets

Gok Wan's style secrets

Are you an hour glass? Pear shape? No idea? If you’ve never considered what body shape you are UK stylist Gok Wan is here to help.

“In 16 years of dressing women — over 40,000 in my career — I would say the first question any woman will ask me is ‘what body shape am I?'” Gok says.

Gok, who isn’t afraid to take everyday women of all shapes and sizes, young and old, out of their clothing comfort zone, has just wrapped up his second Aussie tour this year.

Teaming up with Westfield, Gok has toured Australian shopping centres doing what he does best — dressing woman and helping them to embrace their body shape.

And it’s clear to see why women love Gok.

“Who wants Aunty Gok to dress them?” He asked an enthusiastic crowd at the launch of his tour in Sydney, before choosing a clearly delighted woman, measuring her up and declaring she is an hourglass body shape.

So, for all the women after some styling advice from “Aunty” Gok himself, we asked him his top styling tips, how to learn your body shape and how to feel confident in your skin, at any age.

Why do you think 93 pe cent of Australian woman are not confident in their clothes?

Because they’ve been dictated to for so long but the revolution has begun, and women are now starting to dress for themselves and not for anybody else!

What’s the best way for woman to get confident in their clothes?

Understand your own personal style, and consider three things — firstly your body shape; secondly — commit to a maximum of two styles per season; and thirdly — make sure the clothes that you’re wearing suit your lifestyle.

Is there a common mistake woman are making when it comes to choosing clothes?

The most common mistake is shopping for trend first and body shape second — it should be the reverse!

Do under garments and the way they fit make a big difference to feeling confident in an outfit?

Underwear is the most powerful part of a woman’s wardrobe, because you would never build a house on soggy soil!

How can older woman keep their outfits young and fun without dressing too young for their age?

There is no such thing as dressing too young for your age — ever. I don’t believe in it — I think it’s about dressing for your body shape first.

Once woman know how to dress do they get a confidence boost?

Yes — absolutely 100 percent — I think that the best accessory any women can wear is her confidence.

Do you have any stand out success stories?

I’d like to think all my dressing of women has been successful, but perhaps the most notable was when I dressed Di Cramer, who is a blind woman in the UK and I taught her about colour for the first time since she was 17. She’s in her 60s now and that was quite remarkable.

Westfield have launched a body shape calculator, can you explain how this tool works?

Go to and you input your details for your bust, your waist and hips, and it calculates your individual shape instantly — in just moments. It’s a tool that every single person should use to determine their individual shape — it is easy, very effective and will change the rest of your lives when it comes to shopping.

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