Alexander McQueen ‘haunting’ friends

Alexander McQueen 'haunting' friends

Left: Alexander McQueen; right: Sarah Burton

The woman behind Catherine Middleton’s wedding dress reportedly believes her late mentor Alexander McQueen is speaking to her from beyond the grave.

Sarah Burton was McQueen’s protégé, and took over his fashion house after his suicide in February, 2010. Sarah, who designed both of Catherine’s wedding dresses and Pippa’s much-admired bridesmaid gown, is one of several people who reportedly believe McQueen is still communicating with them.

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Kristin Knox, author of Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation, has detailed the eerie occurrences many of McQueen’s friends reportedly attribute to his spirit trying to contact them.

Knox says Sarah Burton believes McQueen contacted her last year, several months after his death. She was working in her London studio when a crow flew into the window, killing itself. Knox claims Burton and her team are convinced it was a message from McQueen, who loved using feathers in his designs.

Knox also reports that people have felt McQueen’s presence in the last two Alexander McQueen fashion shows.

“I do think fashion people are naturally superstitious and definitely very spiritual, much more so than any other industry,” Knox told the New York Post.

“Any time someone in the innermost recesses of the fashion world passes away, especially someone with a godlike status and where the death concerned is a tragic one, will spawn tales of his followers, co-workers and friends claiming his spirit remains with him.”

Pop star Lady Gaga was very close to McQueen, and has frequently claimed he is communicating with her from beyond the grave. She says he “wrote” her latest single ‘Born This Way’ through her.

“I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, ‘marionetting’ away, planning this whole thing,” Gaga told the UK’s Harper’s Bazaar last month.

Even Knox has experienced an eerie incident relating to McQueen. She believes he ‘approved’ her book about him even before she started writing it.

“I was in New York for Fashion Week in February,” she said. “When I heard the news about his passing, I felt strangely compelled to visit his store and pay my final respects.

“The atmosphere in the shop was beyond eerie, it was more like a tomb or a shrine than a store, which was deadly silent, with only 10 people allowed in at once. Candles were burning and people were weeping.”

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The next morning, Knox received an email from a publishing house, asking if she wanted to write a book in tribute to the designer.

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow he had chosen, or at least approved, me to pen his tribute,” she said.

Your say: Have you had any eerie experiences with ghosts or spirits?

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