Check out what these Oscar nominees wore on their first red carpet

It's nice to know even potential Academy Award-winners weren't always style icons.
Andrew Garfield

It’s nice to know even potential Academy Award-winners weren’t always style icons but it’s funny what fame, fortune and an Oscar nomination can do for you (hint: it gives you an entire glam squad to prepare for an event).

Ahead of this year’s Oscars, we take a step back in time and check out what the nominees looked like on their first red-carpet outings – and, boy, they’ve come a looooong way!

Our personal favourite is home-grown hero Nicole Kidman’s unique accessory that she rocked in 1993 but click through the gallery and decide for yourself.

Photocalls in 2003 used to look like this for Ryan Gosling. He’s since gone all La La Land on us and we like it.

While Emma Stone’s style was, er, Superbad in 2007, she’s making all the best dressed lists now.

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Emma Stone on her ‘man voice’

Back in 2008, Andrew Garfield was the ultimate shy guy. Fast-forward eight years and he’s now as polished as an Oscar.

These days, Natalie Portman is swamped with movie offers. But back in 1994, the only thing swamping her was that oversized coat.

Would you believe Dev Patel once rocked the red carpet in a cardigan? This 2009 look is a far cry from the suave star we’re now used to seeing.

Denzel Washington

The swag is real when it comes to Denzel Washington. But we don’t know what happened in 1986…

Judging by Michelle Williams expression, she wasn’t feeling the strapless number she wore in 1998. Luckily the Best Supporting Actress nominee has since found her stunning Pixie-inspired aesthetic.

Jumpers on the red carpet are so 2002! Only suits will do now that Casey Affleck’s a leading man and a Best Actor nominee.

Bless Nicole Kidman for wearing a sun hat to an event in 1993. Well, her future was that bright so she needed it.

Viola Davis

Thanks heavens Viola Davis realised that coats with the fur belong in 2002.

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