Elizabeth Broderick OA’s uplifting message ahead of the 2022 Women Of The Future Awards

This year’s awards highlight the themes of mentorship, allyship and collaboration.
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Dear readers,

Welcome to The Australian Women Weekly’s 2022 Women of the Future Awards, in what is turning out to be another critical year for women. And a year of global and national change.

This year’s awards highlight the themes of mentorship, allyship and collaboration – qualities which are needed now more than ever as we listen to diverse voices in the community and work together to create a fairer world for all women and girls.

“This year’s awards highlight the themes of mentorship, allyship and collaboration.”

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There has never been a more important time to support the vision and ambition of young women, and these awards do just that.

Young women are mobilising worldwide to demand and catalyse change on critical global issues. They are at the forefront of initiatives aimed at transforming societies towards greater social justice, gender equality, and sustainability.

The opportunities they present are immense.

WATCH: Women of the Future 2021 event – Melissa Doyle & Talia. Article continues after video

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This year, as well as offering a career-changing prize for first place, we have expanded the opportunities for personal mentorship to all our finalists.

Our mentors include some of Australia’s most influential and accomplished women, as well as select male ‘champions of change’.

Camille Goldstone-Henry was our Women of the Future Winner for 2021.

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If you are a young woman aged 18-34 with a project that could make a real difference to the world, I encourage you to enter.

I am excited to be returning for another year as patron of the Women of the Future Awards, and I am very much looking forward to meeting this year’s finalists.

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