Why pregnant Edwina Bartholomew won’t tell her mum the baby names she has planned

And why she wants 'another Molly'.
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Edwina Bartholomew has a hand pressed to her pregnant belly as she takes a moment to chat with Now To Love at The Australian Women’s Weekly‘s 2021 Women of the Future Awards.

“I think we’d absolutely take either [a boy or a girl],” she says, smiling.

The mum-of-one announced her pregnancy in August but admits she feels like she’s been pregnant for “ages” at this point.

“It feels long! I feel like I’m about 13 months pregnant, but it’s great I’ve been feeling really healthy and really good,” she tells us.

Edwina Bartholomew attends the 2021 Women of the Future Awards.

(Image: Jason McCormack)

Edwina adds that pregnancy has been great the second time round and her daughter, Molly, couldn’t be more excited to be a big sister.

“I’m not sure she fully grasps the concept of what’s about to happen,” she laughs.

As for Edwina, she knows exactly what’s coming, having done the newborn phase before with Molly.

Of course, this time she’ll be wrangling a newborn bub as well as a toddler, but she’s ready to tackle the new challenge.

“You know what you’re in for and I’m not as worried or nervous this time around, because it all went quite well with Molly,” she adds.

“Hopefully we have another Molly – they sleep well, and eat well, and it all goes to plan! Of course, that’s not what babies do!”

As for baby names, Edwina reveals she has a few in mind – boys and girls – but won’t be letting any of them slip just yet.

She says: “A few we didn’t use last time have made it back on the list, but I’ve learned very early not to tell anyone because then you get opinions from all corners – including my mum!”

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Dressed in a stunning Bianca Spender outfit, Edwina tells us she couldn’t be more excited to be back out and about for the Women of the Future event.

She’s hoping to raise a little “woman of the future” of her own in Molly, who she says is already a force to be reckoned with.

“I think my daughter will be a powerhouse, she’s quite a force to be reckoned with already and she’s only nearly two,” she says.

Edwina with her daughter Molly.


As for the event itself, held in partnership with La Trobe Financial, Edwina reveals: “I think it’s wonderful that for the women of the next generation a lot of those battles have already been fought, so for them hopefully it’s a world full of opportunity.”

For her, that means seeing a future where Molly – and Edwina’s second child – will be able to achieve everything they dream of and more.

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