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EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Palmer delivers raw truth about veganism and post-baby health

The mum-of-three gets real about all things health and parenting.

By OK! team
Earth mama, committed vegan, and a hardworking Hollywood star to boot – staying healthy is something Teresa Palmer takes seriously.
The 33-year-old has been busier than ever since she welcomed her beautiful baby girl Poet in April – the third child she shares with her husband Mark Webber, 38, along with their sons Bodhi, five, and Forest, two. She's also a stepmum to Mark's 11-year-old son Isaac.
With this in mind, it would be safe to say Teresa has her hands rather full.
And as if that wasn't enough, Teresa also recently launched her new Lovewell range of smoothies with her close friend Christiane Duigan.
In an exclusive OK! interview, the Aussie star shares her wellness philosophy with us. Information that might just come in handy for other mums out there...
The mum-of-three has opened up about all things health and parenting. (Instagram / @teresapalmer)
Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! How are you juggling being a busy mum?
Since Poet's birth, I've been honouring the concept of the 'fourth trimester' and taking time to readjust, realign and get into the natural flow of living with a newborn.
I've been wearing slings so I can be hands-free with the older kids and everyone is included.
What approach are you taking to getting your health on track?
Nursing Poet and Forest is so demanding on my body and I'm constantly feeling hungry. I have to ensure that I maintain an awareness of my diet and am making healthy food choices.
I love heavy carbs and always want to eat pasta, bread or pizza, but I find my energy levels plummet when I indulge in these foods continuously.
A particular food focus for me at the moment is to eat a variety of nutrient-rich mixed greens every day. I can make them into a simple stir-fry or curry and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal in minutes.
Teresa welcomed her adorable baby girl Poet in April. (Instagram / @teresapalmer)
What are your guilty pleasures when you feel like a treat?
Anything chocolate, caramel flavoured! Being South Australian, I love a sweet treat from Haigh's Chocolates, but I've also been through a number of Chomps, Caramello Koalas and Curly Wurlys in the past few months!
What made you decide to make the switch to veganism?
It was actually my son Bodhi and stepson Isaac who turned me vegan.
I've been a pescatarian for many years, but their compassion and kindness has inspired me to adopt a more humane and considered approach to food.
Bodhi saw some fish on display at Whole Foods Market one day and was completely scarred – he didn't understand why they weren't swimming in the ocean and why someone would purposely catch the fish for people to eat.
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Would you be open to your kids eating animal products if they ever want to?
I've tried to help Bodhi be less dogmatic about his veganism and incorporate some dairy, especially at birthday parties and places where there may not be vegan options.
Of course, if he decided to change his approach and reintroduce meat or dairy, I would be completely supportive. However, he is such a sensitive and considered soul that I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
Poet seems to be having a bad reaction to dairy so it looks like, for the time being, the whole family will be vegan.
What's your advice to anyone who's considering a vegan diet?
For those looking to transition to a vegan diet, I would recommend starting by looking at your current favourite healthy meals and then adapting them to make vegan alternatives.
I would definitely suggest educating yourself on plant-based protein, food groups and supplement options, and familiarising yourself with non-vegan ingredients to avoid, as well as important vegan food sources to pursue.
Teresa is an advocate for health and wellness. (Instagram / @teresapalmer)
Are you strict about your diet?
It's OK to treat yourself occasionally if you're feeding your body with healthy choices the rest of the time, and it's OK to have a day off from the gym if you need time to rest.
The worst I've ever felt and the sickest I've ever been was when I was working out five times a week for 90 minutes a day and eating the cleanest diet possible.
What are some of your favourite things to add to smoothies for an extra boost?
For energy, I would include matcha green tea as it's the healthiest alternative to coffee!
Nothing beats hemp protein for healthy skin, nails and hair.
For great gut flora, I love prebiotics. Prebiotics are types of dietary fibre that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut and have a powerful impact on our overall health.