Teresa Palmer reveals birth plan after complications first time round

The Aussie actress shared her thoughts on her mummy blog.

By Emily Kerr
Teresa Palmer has been giving regular updates throughout her pregnancy on her blog Your Zen Mama.
The gorgeous Aussie star shares everything from what she’s been eating to her fitness regime, and in her latest post at 32 weeks pregnant, she’s shared some detail about her birthing plan and why she’s chosen the path she will go down.
“After labouring at home I will transfer to the hospital to birth at the hospital with my midwife. I chose to birth in a hospital using the Midwifery Program that many cities in Australia offers,” she writes.

“It means I only have a Midwife or two in the room and the whole floor is just run by Midwife’s[sic], which I love as it lowers the rate of unnecessary interventions.”

Teresa goes on to explain that after opting for a home birth first time round with her nearly-three-year-old Bodhi, she suffered complications post birth with her placenta. So she’s playing it safe this time and heading for the hospital.
Teresa Palmer and husband Mark Webber at the Sydney premiere of Hacksaw Ridge last week
"It gives me the confidence to know that if anything at all goes wrong or the same issue arises then I’m right there in a hospital setting and a doctor is only a floor away!
"This program also offers the opportunity to have a water birth which has always been a dream of mine, I was unable to do that with Bodhi last time and I would love to experience that this time if it feels right in the moment.
"It’s quite rare that a woman is allowed to have a water birth in a hospital so I was really excited to know that this program allows for that. Kat my doula (and paramedic best friend) just had a water birth earlier this year using this program and highly recommended it to me. So I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds and I’m feeling calm and prepared as the weeks fly by.
"I’m truly open to whatever way this baby wants to come Earth side so I will welcome with open arms whatever experience we end up having."
You can read more from Your Zen Mama here.

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