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Everything you need to know about The Snoo: The bassinet that rocks your baby to sleep

So long, sleepless nights!

By Bella Brennan
Ask any new parent what their number-one struggle with a newborn is and, aside from trying to remember what day of the week it is and the last boob they fed on (was it the left? Or maybe the right?), they'll most likely cite the trials and tribulations of the sacred world of sleep.
With literally thousands of books written about the art of getting your newborn to sleep, you'd think we'd have it all figured out by now.
But much like the Da Vinci Code, the art of sleeping is harder to crack than you'd think and if your baby isn't getting any shut eye, then neither is the rest of the household and that can lead to serious long-term problems for the whole family.
In fact, studies show that 50% of parents sleep six hours or less a night which can cause the same mental impairment as being drunk.
Enter Dr. Harvey Karp, paediatrician to the stars and renowned baby and sleep expert, who has over 25 years of experience working with families and has created a revolutionary bassinet called the Snoo Smart Sleeper that is helping tackle sleep deprivation, SIDS and postpartum depression.

It seems too good to be true, so what is the Snoo?

The Snoo claims to be the world's safest and most effective baby bed and features a swaddle that is securely attached to the sleeper to prevent your baby from rolling on its tummy, which can lead to infant sleep death, guaranteeing your bub stays on its back when used correctly.
Not only does it keep baby in the correct sleeping position, but the tech-enabled crib also soothes babies by imitating the sounds and motions of the womb.
The Snoo has been shown to give your baby an extra one-two hours of sleep per night and can calm down most crying bub's in under one minute.
Think of it like your very own Mary Poppins!
The Snoo has been endorsed by celeb mums like Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen, Mila Kunis, Khloe Kardashian and Teresa Palmer so you know you're onto a good thing! (Image:

How does the Snoo work?

Designed in collaboration with MIT-trained engineers, the Snoo has an inbuilt robotic monitor that detects when your baby is crying and can rock it back to sleep with white noise and gentle movements that mimic that of the womb.
You simply swaddle your baby in a Snoo Sack, which is part of the device, before strapping your little one into the Snoo so they can't roll over. Once bub is strapped in, the Snoo will get to work and rock your baby to sleep.
WATCH: Aussie actress Teresa Palmer swears by the Snoo. Post continues after the video...
Another bonus? You can control the Snoo through your mobile phone app, where users can adjust settings for motion, sound and cry sensitivity.
Of course, it's not to be used in lieu of an actual parent and won't magically make your baby sleep all the way through the night.
"The goal of Snoo is to give that little bit of extra support to parents so they can get an extra hour of sleep a night. It's not a magic bed. It's not going to put them down and suddenly they'll sleep for eight hours. If a baby is hungry or has a dirty diaper, Snoo will not calm the baby down. That actually is a cue to the parents that the baby needs them," Dr. Harvey Karp explains.

How long can I use a Snoo for and where can I buy it?

You can start using the Snoo as soon as you bring baby home and up until about six months old, or when bub weighs around 11.3 kilos.
The Snoo retails for $1637 and if you're interested, you can purchase one via the Happiest Baby website.
Snug as a bug in a Snoo sack! (Image:

Here's what happened when I road-tested the Snoo with my newborn!

Believe the hype - the Snoo well and truly delivers on its pitch.
On the very surreal day we brought our newborn daughter Edie home, my bewildered partner and I looked at each other and laughed: 'So, what do we do with her now?'
Having no idea what the hell we were doing, we popped Edie down for her very first sleep at home in her Snoo and were speechless when we saw it in action, gently rocking our restless baby to sleep within a matter of minutes.
A few weeks into parenthood and I'm still in awe every time this magical contraption manages to calm my girl down and get her back to sleep so quickly. And don't even get me started on how efficiently it works when she stirs in the middle of the night. As my partner said the other day, 'The Happiest Baby deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for inventing the Snoo.'
The other huge win? The Snoo sacks mean you don't have to waste your time swaddling your baby as it does it for you!
The easy-to-use Snoo app also let's you monitor what level your baby is at on your phone, while the daily Snoo log breaks down your baby's sleep stats. I'm not even embarrassed to say analysing the numbers at the end of every day has become my new favourite activity.
Just last night, our 12-day old slept for four consecutive hours which is a total god-send, especially since my partner has just returned to work so every minute of sleep counts.
Sure, there's times when the Snoo can't always soothe our girl and we have to pick her up but nine times out of ten there's a reason why - be it she needs a nappy change or burp. But man, I can't imagine how different our sleep count and mental state would be if we didn't have the Snoo in our lives.
When you consider how much money people spend on prams, which are simply for pushing bub around, it makes much more sense to invest in the gift of sleep.
Feeling good, how bout Snoo? The face of a well-rested mum and bub. (Image: Supplied)