High sea-ciety: All the snaps to prove the royals love a summer getaway

And now we have a serious case of wanderlust.

By Jess Pullar
Just in case you needed any more reason to feel envious of our pals in the Northern Hemisphere currently enjoying a summer vacation, we're here to rub it in just a little more.
As our news feeds quickly fill up with snaps from friends and fellows who have jaunted across the ocean to enjoy a cheeky European getaway, we can't help but feel a major case of wanderlust.
But there's another rather elite set of humans that make a strong case to spur us into a holiday-planning frenzy.
It's no secret members of the British royal family have a sizeable yearly budget, so it's to be expected that their holidays are on the slightly more extravagant side of things.
From seaside getaways in the Caribbean to visiting some of the world's most spectacular skiing destinations, there's nothing quite like clapping our eyes on the royals enjoying a cheeky vacay.
So, to provide us with all the holiday inspiration we need to get us through winter, we've rounded up the best snaps of the regal families doing exactly that.
Keep scrolling for a serious dose of wanderlust (of the regal kind).
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