These gorgeous sustainable gift ideas are sure to impress your eco-conscious loved ones, and make you feel good too

Santa’s getting a sustainable makeover.

By Maddison Hockey
Watching the delight on a family member or friends face as they unwrap a gift they genuinely love is one of the biggest joys at Christmas.
To put it simply: giving feels good.
But, it can feel even better.
Whether you're hoping to minimise your impact on the environment or you're buying for an eco-conscious loved one, opting for an eco-friendly gift benefits everyone involved.
With so many brands not only going green but also giving back in their manufacturing process, gift giving has become an even greater feel-good act in recent years.
Gone too are the days of eco-friendly brands being labelled drab or daggy as the eco-conscious movement grows, with everyone from big name brands to underground designers making a conscious change.
From fashion labels to beauty brands and the paper you use to wrap them in, we're rounding up the best eco-friend gift ideas ahead of Christmas.