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The perfect decorations to make Christmas your own version of special this year

Santa will be here in no time.
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As crazy as it might sound, Christmas is already right around the corner. And what better way to get into the festive spirit than to put all of your Christmas decorations on display?

Here’s a list of all of the best Christmas decorations to have to make this year your best Christmas yet!

It’s time to put up the Christmas tree!

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1. Christmas tree

A staple. Christmas trees are a must at Christmas time! Whether you decide to go for a real tree or a plastic one, having a Christmas tree is basically non-negotiable if you celebrate Christmas.

You can get different coloured trees or decorate a classic green one with whatever colour scheme of baubles and ornaments your heart desires. Decorating the Christmas tree can also be the perfect moment to spend quality time with your family, where everyone can contribute to make it look amazing.

Our top picks:

  • 180cm Pine Tree – Green, $249 from Myer

  • Snowy Alaskan Pre-Lit Tree – 7ft, $199 from Target

  • 195cm Mint Coloured Tree, $105 from Spotlight

2. Christmas lights

Christmas lights are a small way to indicate your Christmas cheer to your neighbours. If you’re not big into Christmas but still want to get involved, Christmas lights are the perfect way to do so! You can hang them on your Christmas tree, along your roof, put them in your garden or on a balcony- the options are endless so you can take some creative liberty here.

Our top picks:

  • 400 LED Christmas Solar Fairy Lights, $25 from Target

  • 30 LED Gingerbread Men Wire Lights, $19.99 from Myer

  • 188cm Tree 288 LED Fairy Light Decorations, $42.95 from BIG W

Stockings are a super easy way to decorate for Christmas.

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3. Stockings

Nothing screams Christmas like hanging up the stockings. Stockings are a simple way to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit. Stockings not only make good decorations, they’re also practical! As soon as the stockings go up, you’ll be ready for Santa Claus to visit.

Our top picks:

  • Nordic Holiday Knitted Stocking – Red/White, $20.99 from Myer

  • Alphabet Christmas Stocking, $15 from Target

  • Bouclair Rustic Nook Snowflake Stocking – Natural, $24.50 from Spotlight

4. Wreaths

Wreaths are a simple and easy way to decorate for Christmas. You can buy them or even make them yourself if you like! Wreaths are a great way to decorate as they can be used as both indoor and outdoor decor.

Our top picks:

  • Luxe Sparkle Glitter Berries Wreath – Green/Champagne, $89.99 from Adairs

  • Luxe Winter Faux Berries, Leaves, Ribbon & Bauble Wreath – Mint, $62.99 from Myer

  • LED Snowy Christmas Wreath, $45 from Target

Christmas-themed crockery makes great decor.

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5. Crockery

Having Christmas-themed crockery and dinnerware is a fun way to elevate your space during the Christmas period. Bringing out themed platters, mugs and glasses at your Christmas parties or any events you’re hosting is sure to be a hit with guests!

Our top picks:

  • Christmas Multi ‘Tis The Season Star Plate, $39.99 from Adairs

  • Christmas Tree Serving Platter, $25 from Target

  • Print Wooden Lazy Susan Snowflake Tray, $33.95 from Myer

6. Cushions

Cushions are the perfect way to add some Christmas spirit into your home. Easy and no fuss, Christmas cushions are a simple way to spruce up your space.

Our top picks:

  • Bouclair Cushion – White, $35 from Spotlight

  • Christmas Tree Cushion, $20 from Target

  • Festive Dachshund Cushion, $79.99 from Adairs

Knick-knacks are a fun addition to your home to get you in the Christmas spirit.

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7. Knick-knacks

A fun part of preparing for Christmas is seeing all of the different knick-knacks that you can add to your home. Whether they’re silly or traditional, knick-knacks are the perfect addition at Christmas time. Examples of knick-knacks can include table toppers, mini Christmas trees, snow globes, figurines, festive ceramics and hanging ornaments, just to name a few.

Our top picks:

  • Christmas Countdown Calendar, $20 from Target

  • Luxe Polyresin House & Trees Musical Snowglobe – White, $41.99 from Myer

  • Chimney Gingerbread House, $49.99 from Adairs

8. Inflatables

If you’re a die-hard Christmas fan and want to go all out with your Christmas decorations, inflatables are a great way to showcase your dedication to the holiday. You can go big or small, light-up or not, and just have fun with it!

Our top picks:

  • Outdoor Inflatable Santa, $60 from Target

  • Christmas Inflatable Snowman, $56.95 from Big W

  • Inflatable Koala, $36 from Spotlight

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