Carrie Bickmore reveals her cakey pregnancy cravings: “I can’t stop, help!”

Yum, we kind of want to be pregnant now too.
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Unless you’ve experienced a hormone-fueled pregnancy craving, you just can’t realise the force of the desire. It’s all consuming, and apparently celebs aren’t immune.

Carrie Bickmore has been sharing her cake cravings on social media, and it’s making us drool.

The Project host, who is expecting baby number three in the coming months, has gone from craving hot chips and peanut butter toast, to a full-blown cake and baking addiction, and she’s not planning on stopping any time soon.

37-year-old Bickmore confessed, “The sponge cake stack fell over shortly before serving but god it was delicious,” in a social media post on Monday.

She expanded on the extent of her cravings on the radio show she hosts with Tommy Little announcing, “My name’s Carrie. And I can’t stop making and eating cake”.

“I’ve made three cakes in two weeks … first was a chocolate one that was so velvety I’ve never tasted anything like it in my entire life,” Carrie continued.

“And the one last week was a sponge and it was so light and fluffy and the cream was just so creamy… It was just light and fluffy and creamy… And it had strawberries on it!”

Even when her eldest son Ollie caught her licking the bowl, Bickmore could not control herself, and failed to stop!

“On the weekend, it’s been Ollie’s birthday. I made a five-layered multi-coloured cake… Actually, it was three layers,” she hilariously confessed.

“I’ve realised it’s not even just the finished cake I like. It’s the batter… I leant over the sink… licking the bowl and Ollie said ‘what are you making?’ and I said ‘a birthday cake’, and he said ‘I’ve already had one’ I said ‘you’ve had two and this is your third!'” she laughed.

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Earlier in her pregnancy, the Ten personality admitted that baked apple pie was her dessert of choice, as well as a hankering for peanut butter toast.

However, it seems that cake has stolen the show as she enters the later stages of her third pregnancy.

“I feel better getting it off my chest. The only problem is ’cause I’m pregnant I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel… Next week it might be another one, how do I stop!?” Bickmore laughed.

But, as they do, the cravings always win and Bickmore seems to have come to a happy place about it.

“Actually… I am perfectly fine with my baking and my consumption of the baked goods,” the star posted on Instagram.

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