The iconic Bonnie Doon house from ‘The Castle’ has been listed on Airbnb

You're not dreaming, The SERENITY is real.

The Kerrigan’s holiday house from the 1997 movie ‘THE CASTLE’ is now for rent!

For just $181 a night, you can stay in an iconic piece of Australian history, which the locals unsurprisingly call the “Castle house”.

You’ll be standing in the exact spot Darrel Karrigan muttered his famous line, “how’s the serenity.”.

It’s not a question, it’s a statement and that very same serenity looks to be alive and well in Boonie Doon.

The lounge room/ Airbnb

You can sit in the renovated lounge watch the collection of Hey Hey It’s Saturday DVDs just like Darrel Karrigan or you can head straight to the pool room.

Yep, the pool room is included as part of this deal for an additional $100 p/night – it wouldn’t be a Castle homage without it!

The pool room features an additional two beds, ensuite, and a kitchenette.

“It is self contained, therefore great for friends, grandparents, for anyone to go, ‘Straight to The Poolroom'”.

The Pool Room/Airbnb

The property is owned by Melanie, who cites a love of travelling and a fondness for classic movies (obviously).

Melanie explains that, “Bonnie Doon is a small community, genuine friendly people.”

But before you race to book in your stay, Melanie warns there is something you need to be aware of.

“People come from far away, just to have a look or stop often to take photos, most are respectful when they see a car in the driveway, they will only take photos from their car. If this will bother you on your stay, best to book elsewhere.”

Who can blame them?

Daryl and Dale/ Airbnb

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