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An Airbnb host stole my husband

A woman is divorcing her husband of 30 years after he ran off with the host of their Airbnb accommodation.

A heartbroken woman has shared the details of the split of her and her husband of 30 years because of an Airbnb host.

She says that the host stole her husband in a “twisted form of internet dating”.

The American woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to rent accommodation through Airbnb when her and her husband were on a trip to Auckland, New Zealand, last year.

She described her relationship as “imperfect but solid”, and never thought the host – who she described as “unusually solicitous and intrusive” would pose a threat to her marriage.

The husband had arrived in Auckland a few days before the wife arrived. They stayed there for a week, and the husband decided to stay for an extra week while the wife left to go back home.

Despite the husband previously saying that the middle-aged host was “sad and needy”, the pair “got to know each other better”.

This then escalated into an affair, according to New Zealand Herald.

The woman was in complete shock to hear the devastating news about the fling, and she is now divorcing him.

However, her ex-husband and the Airbnb hosts are still in a relationship.

She said: “I doubt I will ever use AirBnB again because of the bad memories I have about the experience. It turned out to be a twisted form of internet dating in my case.”

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