Today is Australia’s biggest day of the year for at-work hangovers

Feeling rough? So is the rest of Australia.

If you’ve turned up to work hungover today you probably have the best excuse ever: because mathematics said you would. And who can argue with cold, hard figures? Not your boss.

According to a 1000-person survey by courier company Go People, and reported by Pedestrian TV, the 15th of December is the day when Australians are most likely to turn up to work with one stinker of a hangover.

It makes sense really, with just two weeks left of business (for most workplaces) before the Christmas break, a lot of companies would have had their Christmas party last night.

^^ Australia tomorrow.

While employers will most likely turn a blind eye today to late staff with bags under their eyes, they may not realise just how much a collective hangover affects business. According to research, not only does a night of boozing have you waking up to physical effects such as grogginess, headaches and body aches, a hangover can also cause the brain to function at a much lower rate of efficiency. Meaning, you’re likely to do a lot less work today if you’re nursing a hangover.

Furthermore, Go People’s research suggest that today’s productive loss will cost the country about $12.8million. Yikes! That’s one expensive Christmas party.

Feeling extra sorry for Aussie school teachers…

So, you’ve woken up with a cracking hangover and you have eight long hours to endure, grab yourself a banana, a big glass of hydralite and feel comforted knowing that the rest of us a right there with you today.

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