A day in the fit-spirational life of Roxy Jacenko

Coffee, sushi and doughnuts, included…
Roxy Jacenko

PSA: Roxy Jacenko is one seriously busy woman.

Between growing her already-successful businesses, penning a novel or three and, doing what any doting mum does, hanging out with her adorable kids (Pixie, five, and three-year-old Hunter), she manages to lead the kind of healthy lifestyle that may or may not put some (read: ALL) of us to shame.

So… how does she do it?

“Some days I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I make my workouts standing appointments so I don’t move them,” she tells us.

“Once my workout is over (if I can walk out of there, I’m so sore!), I do feel so much better, and I’m ready to attack the day with gusto and get on with anything that comes my way.”

Although, squeezing in an ab-tightening strength class aside, it’s not so much how she keeps in shape, but more why…

“After my cancer diagnosis in 2016, I realised that being fit and healthy was the most important factor in me overcoming my diagnosis and also being able to look after my children and businesses,” she explains.

“Since focusing on my health I have noticed an increase in what I can handle and also other smaller things like good quality sleep (albeit still only 3-4 hours!).”

“I rather prefer to just get stuck in to it and get it done, be it in the office or getting the kids ready for school.”

Roxy makes it her mission to keep fit and healthy – so much so, she makes her gym workouts “standing appointments” so she doesn’t miss them.

So, what does a day in the life of the PR maven look like? Read. On.

6am Wake up (I’m the early riser in our house), then get the kids ready for school, plus the normal routine: hair, brekkie, teeth, before piling everyone into the car.

8am Drop the kids off at school and daycare then I’m normally off to the gym (I go three times a week, focussing on strength/weights-based training, which has worked really well for me).

9am Straight into the office, and catch up on any overnight news, updates that have gone down, as well as respond to that inbox which never seems to empty! I will grab a coffee on the way out of the gym and something like avocado on toast to have at my desk.

1pm By now, my stomach is grumbling for some lunch. Sushi and sashimi are my staples, with a green juice of course! It took me a while to start enjoying them but now I LOVE them and it’

s an easy way to pack my greens in.

2pm Meetings with clients, we are all in and out of the office between shoots, site visits and meeting existing and potential clients – nothing beats chatting in-person to get to know our clients better.

4pm Doughnut Time! While it certainly isn’t an everyday treat, we just launched a new store in Surry Hills and the team have sent over some Doughnuts – what do they say, its all about balance right?!

6pm Grab my laptop and run out the door to see the kids – we all sit down for dinner (I make them eat it!) and then have some chicken or fish with greens after they are in bed.

8pm Attempt #1 at putting kids to bed failed miserably but they have me in stitches as we play and muck around.

10pm After having dinner its back to emails and getting myself ready for tomorrow, laying out the kids clothes, making sure their lunches are packed and getting my bag and outfit ready – then sleep, REPEAT! I’m sure mums out there can empathise!

Roxy’s commitment to health and fitness kicked up a notch following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2016.

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