Woman who once tipped the scales at 317kgs (!!!) is happy she can sit upright after weight-loss

What a transformation!

As we’ve seen time and time again on TV show My 600-lb Life, losing weight — even with weight loss surgery — is never easy, and in many cases, keeping it off can be even harder. Just ask Milla Clark — link textone of the many people who’s appeared on the beloved TLC reality show.

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On her episode, she tipped the scales at about 317 kilograms and explained how she struggled with her weight since childhood — as her mum nearly fed her to death.

“If we didn’t take that food, [my mother] would take that as a rejection,” she explained. “But my sister was small, and she could not finish her plate. And I would sneak and help her with her plate so they wouldn’t get punished… At the same time, food was my mother’s warmth to me. So I just ate everything I was given. And I just wanted more and more.”

Her mum admitted that she feels guilty for contributing to her daughter’s weight gain. “I do sometimes blame myself a little bit for the way she is,” her mother, Mary Everson, revealed. “But at the time, I thought it was fine that she ate that much, because when I was coming up, it wasn’t like we had a ton of food all the time. And so what I always felt like was that I want to see a child eating until they got enough.”

During the episode, fans watched as she prepared for gastric weight loss surgery, and she eventually was able to go under the knife for a gastric sleeve — and it’s clear that she’s happier than ever since turning her life around. She shared an update on Facebook and wrote, “It feels so good to be able to sit up all day and take classes to work from home.”

We’re so impressed, Milla!

This article originally appeared on In Touch Weekly.

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