Four tips to help you take charge of your health in the New Year

Start the New Year right.
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Want to overhaul your diet for the new year but not sure where to begin?

Why not kick off your good intentions with these four food habits that will always stand you in good stead? So get ready to take charge of your health and wellbeing this year!

1. Make a meal plan

It’s much easier to eat well if you have all the ingredients at hand.

Make a meal plan for the week and do it as a family so everyone feels involved, and write a list. Then do one big shop (or shop online if you’re pushed); this saves time during the week and solves that ‘what do we eat tonight?’ decision each day.

2. Always carry a water bottle

We all know the importance of staying hydrated.

Harvard Health says 4-6 cups of water a day is ideal. However it does vary from person to person, so check with your GP, especially if you have health conditions like thyroid disease or kidney, liver and heart problems.

Having water on you means you’re less likely to choose a sugary option to quench your thirst.

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3. Eat a rainbow

Include green, orange, red, blue/purple and yellow produce in your daily diet.

These fruit and veges are packed with nutrients and fibre, and may help to protect against some cancers and other illnesses.

4. Enjoy your food

This message may have been lost among all the dos and don’ts and diet fads.

Sharing and finding joy in food – including cooking together – is a mainstay of cultures around the globe. Sitting around a table with friends and family is a great stress reliever, it teaches children to be social, and it’s an oasis in which to catch up during a busy week.

Why not teach your children how to make some of their favourite healthy family meals – they’ll find it will come in handy later in life.

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