What you eat when pregnant may trigger ADHD in your child later in life

Because you and your kids are what you eat...

Step away from that sixth glass of Sprite and second round of burgers – experts warn that eating unhealthy foods during pregnancy could lead to your unborn child having ADHD later in life.

This new research, conducted at King’s College London and the University of Bristol in the UK, indicates that a diet high in fat and sugar when pregnant could be linked to your child’s chance of having “conduct” problems (AKA lying and fighting) later in life.

Researchers found high-fat, high-sugar processed foods and confectionary products in prenatal diets were closely associated with higher 1GF2 methylation (a gene that impacts foetal development) in kids who show signs of conduct problems early on in life.

Essentially, what this is means is that poor nutrition can chemically trigger and incense ADHD symptoms in children, while good nutrition does the opposite; doctors working on this study say that foods including omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and nuts are great for the neural development of an unborn child.

Pass us the celery sticks…

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