This mummy blogger just proved how easy it is to edit social media snaps, no Photoshop needed

''Things aren't always how they may appear.''
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Mum and fitness blogger, Sia Copper, is demystifying the manipulation of social media images, which she says happens a lot of than we realise.

The blogger took to her popular Instagram account to shared a before-and-after photo of herself at the beach. She captions one image as ‘real’ and the other ‘edited’.

In the edited shot, the US-based mum’s cellulite has disappeared, her skin is smooth, her waist and thighs are smaller, her stomach is flatter and her butt is more pert and round.

Without the untouched shot for comparison, the naked eye would never know the photo had been manipulated.

“It’s so easy to edit a photo these days,” she wrote alongside the photographs.

“No, I’m not even talking about Photoshop. I’m talking these little iPhone apps that allow you to smooth cellulite, slim waists and thighs, and make your booty bigger. Crazy right?”

Cooper revealed it took her less than a minute to edit the photo she took while on holiday in Maui, adding that celebrities, fitness models and social media influences employ the same manipulation strategy.

Editing Apps like Facetune, Spring and Airbrush are all easily available to download onto your phone and can do everything from removing fine lines to adding a few extra centimeters to your height. Users don’t need Photoshop or photo editing skills to alter a photo.

“I just want to show you that it’s so easy to manipulate photos with the touch of a button and many celebrities and fitness models do it on the daily,” she said.

Mummy and fitness blogger, Sia Cooper uses her Instagram account to inspire women as well as portraying a true image of what women look like.

Cooper doesn’t want to shame or out women who edit their photos for social media, instead, she wants women to stop comparing themselves to images that are likely not to be true representations of what women look like.

“I’m not saying to stop believing everything you see. Just stop COMPARING. You’re a queen and the only person you need to focus on and compare yourself to is the gal you were yesterday,” she penned.

This isn’t the first time Cooper has dropped truth bombs uncovering social media trickery. Recently she posted a shot of her stomach showing that unless she’s flexing or sucking in her skin is loose and soft.

“Things aren’t always how they may appear. I do have loose skin – when I’m not flexing or sucking in! Skin is skin and it’s normal. Some of us have more than others,” she wrote next to a before-and-after shot illustrating her point.

” I want you to see that social media fitness gurus such as my own self aren’t perfect. Just because you can’t see loose skin, cellulite, stretch masks, or acne doesn’t mean it’s not there,” she added.

What a breath of fresh air!

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