Melbourne man nearly DIES after eating a chicken parmi


A Melbourne teen lost a shocking 8kg in 73 hours after he came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning from what he claims to be a chicken parmigiana.

Liam Steele, 19, tells Seven News that he fell ill hours after eating the popular pub meal at a Doncaster restaurant.

After 36 hours of trying to push through, he collapsed in agony. A short visit to the GP lead him and his father Matt headed to hospital, where he began experiencing “violent fits and muscle spasms”.

The patient was told his kidneys were shutting down, and that doctors feared he needed to be placed on life support.

“I was sitting in a wheelchair in hospital having muscle convulsions being told that my kidneys had shut down,” the gym-junkie tells the network.

“It was terrifying to have someone tell you ‘We’re going to have to stop you breathing to keep you alive’.”

Liam speaks of his terrifying ordeal in the video below. Article continues…

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He remained in hospital for five days, but was fortunate enough to make a full recovery.

Dad Matt believes had it not been for his youth and high level of physical fitness, his son may not have survived.

“Had he been much younger or much older I don’t think he would’ve been here,” he says.

Manningham Council have since investigated the incident and allege they have found “no evidence of salmonella”.

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