Knitted Knockers: Stitching together hope for breast cancer survivors

A community of Victorian women are binding together to knit fake breasts for mastectomy patients.
knitted breasts, Image Source: Tempe Yarn.

Inspired by a US organisation Knitted Knockers Australia (KKA) is a community project of Victoria’s Burwood Neighbourhood House where volunteers have knitted over 5000 prosthetic breasts for mastectomy patients.

The free cotton prosthetics – which come complete with a nipple feature – are designed as a light and soft design that mimics the shape and feel of real breasts.

KKA president and breast cancer survivor, Cheryl Webster told The Age she wears the 100 per cent cotton prosthetics on a daily basis and says they’re a great option for women.

“They breathe easily and dry easily. They’re especially easier to wear during heatwaves because the silicone prosthesis tends to get quite hot,” said Webster.

“What we’ve noticed from experience is that a lot of older women have never worn silicone prostheses and would never consider a breast reconstruction.

“A handful of women are actually just inserting socks in their bras. There are many who simply don’t want or can’t afford surgery.”

Burwood Neighbourhood House depends on the generous donations of others to ensure the ongoing work done to support women who have survived breast cancer.

If you would like to get involved you can find more information at Knitted Knockers Australia on Facebook. 

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