Deep breath: How Kate Ritchie deals with stress

The actress proves green is good when it comes to de-stressing.
Kate Ritchie

She’s an actress, radio personality, mother and all-round Australian icon…

Opening up to Good Health magazine, Kate Ritchie, 38, reveals the very therapeutic way she copes with her daily demands.

“Working in the garden,” she tells us of her happy place. “That’s one place where I’m most present, and I find the hours spent there leave me with a healthy feeling of exhaustion and achievement.”

Kate’s hopes and dreams for her adorable daughter, Mae

She is kind and fun and brave and clever! She really is the greatest joy for both me and Stuart (Webb, Mae’s father).

I want my child to first and foremost feel safe and loved. Hopefully that will instil a lovely sense of confidence in her so that she feels she can do anything.

The workout Kate loves most

I rely on regular Pilates classes with my instructor June Jones. It’s good for both my body and mind. When I started I was hooked because it was the first thing I’d ever done where I didn’t think about anything else.

When you work on the treadmill you can find your mind wandering, but with Pilates I have to switch off anything else and concentrate on what I’m doing.

“The basics – mutual respect, love, and that being kind to others is better for the soul than anything else,” Kate says of her core values.

How Kate’s health habits have changed since welcoming a child

It’s not only my approach to health that has changed since having a child – pretty much everything has and certainly my priorities have.

I’ve never been an advocate of harsh dieting and following fads, but now even more my health focus is about setting good examples for my daughter. Also, staying on top of everything life throws at you is much easier when you are fuelling your body well and being kind to yourself.

I am not claiming to do that all of the time but I do try my best.

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