Radio star Kate Langbroek reveals the delicious “pasta and bread” diet behind her amazing weight loss

We'll have what she's having.
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Radio and TV star Kate Langbroek has spent the past 18 months in Italy with her family on an extended “gap year”.

The 54-year-old relocated to the European nation with her husband Peter and their children in January 2019, after stepping back as one half of Hit Network’s radio duo Hughesy & Kate, the show she starred in alongside funnyman Dave Hughes.

The overseas adventure was supposed to last for only 12 months, but the family decided to extend their stay for another year, before the COVID-19 pandemic erupted.

Now trapped in Italy, one of the nations worst hit by the virus, the family are currently in lockdown in Bologna.

And while it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if spending weeks in the house with nothing but delicious Italian carbs would result in a bit of weight gain, for The Project star, it’s actually been the complete opposite.

Kate posing with a bikini cut out of herself.

(Image: Instagram)

The radio star says the food and lifestyle in Italy means weight gain is easy to avoid.

(Image: Instagram)

KateThe 54-year-old showing off her figure on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

It was this photo that had fans commenting on Kate’s weight loss.

(Image: Instagram)

Kate has actually lost weight while in lockdown in Italy – something her eagle-eyed Instagram followers quickly noticed.

After Kate posted a photo of herself walking through the streets of Italy, many of her fans commented on the snap and praised her new figure.

“Ok Ok, let us in on the diet you were on … looking great!” one follower commented, to which Kate replied, “Pasta. Homemade bread. Lots of housework.”

When one fan said, “You are looking pretty slim … the bread and pasta diet doesn’t work for me”, Kate explained, “I know this sounds weird, but Italian bread and pasta is different, and olive oil. Magic.”

Another fan agreed with her: “Yes it is true – you can eat practically everything in Italy and not gain weight like in Australia. It must be all the daily walking one days, plus lots of stairs!”

“Italians walk everywhere, nobody really uses their cars,” commented another fan in agreement.

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A diet of spaghetti and garlic bread? We’ll have what she’s having.

(Image: Instagram)

Some homemade toasties Kate made for her family.

(Image: Instagram)

In January, it was revealed that Kate would step down from her full time radio gig alongside Hughesy and would be replaced by comedian Ed Kavalee.

“Kate has extended her stay in Italy with her young family for another year and will continue to be a regular part of the show as she has been this year,” the Hit Network said in a statement at the time.

The head of the network, Gemma Fordham, added: “I’m excited Ed Kavalee is a permanent addition to Drive in 2020 as he and Hughesy have a history and chemistry that is a joy to listen to. We are all obsessed with Kate’s Italian adventure and are living vicariously through her! She will continue to keep us updated via the phone across the year.”

Kate still stars in regular segments on the show over the phone, as well as live crosses on TV programs including The Project.

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