How many eggs can you eat in a day? An expert reveals the answer

We have some egg-cellent news.
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Eggs are one of the best foods we can eat, but for years they’ve unfairly earned a bit of a bad reputation for being high in cholesterol, causing many people to cautiously limit the number of eggs they eat.

Now, new guidelines released by the Heart Foundation reveal eggs are actually nutritional powerhouses – and our bodies can’t get enough of them.

Previously, health experts had actually put a limit on the number of eggs we should be eating a week – seven.

But now that has been removed completely and we have the official OK to eat as many eggs as we like.

“There used to be no more than seven, but we have removed the limit on the number of eggs that can be eaten in a week,” dietitian Maria Packart told Now To Love.

“For healthy people, egg don’t significantly affect your risk of heart disease. But for people with Type 2 diabetes or heart disease, we recommend eating fewer than seven eggs per week. It’s associated with an increased risk of heart disease,” she said.

Multiple studies looking at how eating eggs affects the risk of heart disease have found no association between the two.

So we have free rein to eat as many eggs a day as we please!

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Obama tucking into a plate of scrambled eggs and toast during his time as US president.

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He might be Puff Daddy, but the rapper still enjoys the simple things in life, like a plate of delicious homemade scrambled eggs.

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Although eggs are high in cholesterol (373 mg per 100 grams) and have the seventh-highest cholesterol content among all foods, they’re still amazing sources of protein, crucial vitamins and minerals and are also the only food that contains all nine essential amino acids.

They’re also a natural source of key nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E and B12, antioxidants and choline.

And don’t throw out the yolk! That’s where all the goodness is.

Maria says the yolk is perfectly healthy and fine to eat, so don’t throw it out and just eat the whites.

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Two poached eggs on toast with avocado is the perfect breakfast or brunch meal.

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Maria says one of the best thing about eggs is their versatility and because they can easily be combined with vegetables – something we should all be eating more of.

“The other thing to consider is how you eat your eggs,” Maria said.

“Choosing to eat eggs with vegetables, having an omelette with spinach and mushrooms with wholegrain bread and avocado, so we can try and get a higher intake of vegetables and plant-based foods, is always best.”

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