Five very free ways to feel happier today

Next time you hit a slump, try one or all of these sure-fire ways to feel jollier.
Cameron Diaz

It’s 10:00am on a Monday, you’ve just spilt your coffee on your new white top and work is piling up on your desk faster than you could possibly imagine.

You’re sitting there, wishing you could magic yourself to this time yesterday, when you were lying in bed doing the Sunday crossword.

But unfortunately, time travel isn’t quite a thing and that work isn’t going to complete itself.

What you need is a quick pick-me-up. Something that will pull you out of your slump so you can get on with your day and your life!

So without further ado, here are five very free ways to feel happier today.

1. Give the gift of kindness

Despite what you’ve learnt from years of Christmas, gift giving doesn’t always mean forking out your entire savings.

Performing an act of kindness can be as simple as complimenting a stranger on their shoes or giving up your seat on the bus.

Try it today, and discover how making someone’s day also has the powerful ability to do the same for you.

2. Get back to nature

In 2013, 10,000 participants vowed to spend 30 minutes a day outside for 30 consecutive days, to determine whether time spent outdoors can increase happiness and well-being.

“We found that participants almost doubled their time spent outside during the month and reduced their screen time by about 4.5 hours per week,” said Trent University Researcher, Dr Elizabeth Nisbet.

“They reported significant increases in their sense of well-being, feeling more vitality and energy, while feelings of stress, negativity, and sleep disturbances were all reduced.”

Give it a go and you’ll be surprised how much a hit of vitamin D can literally brighten up your day.

Take a moment to lie in the grass like Victoria Beckham.

3. Move your body

When you’re in a slump, getting active might feel like your last priority. But by simply moving your body about can turn that all around.

“Exercise has many benefits. It not only is useful for your muscle tone and weight management, but also increases circulation, and boosts your mood and ability to focus,” says dietitian and Woman’s Day’s health expert, Belinda Reynolds.

Our expert recommends taking a brisk power walk around the block or the closest park. “You will feel more energised as a result.”

4. Get your beauty sleep

While it sounds obvious, a lack of sleep can take a serious toll on your mood, memory, concentration and your work performance – all of which can seriously drain the smile out of you.

Our expert recommends getting yourself into a good routine of heading to bed at a decent time each night, and maintaining consistency with your pattern.

“And avoid exposing yourself to the light emitted from electronic devices in the couple of hours before bed. This will assist better quality sleep,” she says.

Olivia Munn knows a lack of sleep can dampen your spirits.

5. Smile

Here’s one you can try right now!

There’s been solid evidence drawn from multiple studies to suggest that just smiling – even if it’s not sincere, has the ability to elevate your mood.

When your face uses its designated smiling muscles, endorphins are sent to your brain which we all know act as a natural mood booster and stress reliever.

Well, what do you know? Fake it ’til you make it just got a new meaning!

Need some help smiling? Check out these adorable best friends in the video player below!

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