EXCLUSIVE: How Tiffiny Hall’s 61-year-old mum gets THIS rockin’ body

No, this isn't Tiff's sister - it's her mother!

By Ellie McDonald
Scrolling through our Instagram feeds this morning, we came across a picture of former Biggest Loser trainer and TIFFXO fitness genius commit Tiffiny Hall who appeared to be smiling at the camera alongside her identical twin while holidaying in Bali.
Well, turns out that said-twin is, in fact, her almost-61-year-old mum, Jeanette.

Repping the same cossies – a hilarious fashion faux pas Tiff tells us wasn't intentional – new mum Tiff and Jeanette could pass as sisters… And not just because they're wearing the same bikini.
Yep, just like Tiff, Jeanette is looking fit and fabulous – so much so that we've been racking our brains over how a woman in her sixties – one who's a devoted mother-of-three and gave birth to her third child in her forties – looks so toned.
Get ready to screenshot EVERYTHING as Tiff spills her mother's hot-body secrets that make her look more than 20 years younger than she really is.

It’s the TYPE of exercise she does…

My mum is amazing. She's been a fitness and Taekwondo instructor all her life. She is the reason that I am where I am today; she taught my Taekwondo; she got me to Black Belt – and not only Black Belt, but my 6th Dan Black Belt, which is one of the highest ranks of martial arts in the world.
She maintains balance; she still exercises every day. She's always loved fitness and loves martial arts and Taekwondo. She's a testament to doing little things adds up to fantastic results.
We train together. It's really simple – Mum does my fitness program TIFFXO commit and it's based on mixed martial arts/Taekwondo training system. Like me, she's been doing Taekwondo her whole life. This kind of training program you can do in 20 minutes and, based on a lifetime of experience, it's great for fast weightloss and toning up.
Lots of boxing, lots of kicking, lots of fun stuff!
Can you see why we thought they were twins?!

It’s what she FEEDS her body with (all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets, included)

Firs thing's first: power up on protein – it's important to make sure you have a lot of protein to feed the muscles. The muscle is what creates the tone in the body.
In terms of staying away from foods, my mum and I don't cut out any foods out of the diet. We eat diary, we're not gluten free, we eat carbs. But what my mum has taught me, and what she does herself, is managing portions.
You can have fun with food, and you can have treats, just make sure you get up the next morning and do some exercise to balance it out.
Tiff with her husband, comedian Ed Kavalee, and their adorable baby, Arnold.

It’s not just in her genes to look like this… Jeanette and TIFF WORK FOR IT

A few comments on these photos talked about my mum and I looking as fit as we do because of our genetics. Those people who commented that are wrong.
I was very honest in putting out there my big weight gain of 30kg while I was pregnant with Arnold. I had a lot of weight to lose after the baby and it's taken me a good eight months to slowly and happily get my fit body back. I couldn't fight weight gain.
My body will put on weight and change like anybody else's. It isn't genetics. It's consistency, a bit of discipline and finding an exercise that you love, having a good relationship with food.
Tiff says genetics play no part in determining how her body will look and feel.

It’s HOW OFTEN she exercises…

The World Health Organisation recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise a day – as a professional trainer, to get results, I recommend people do exercise six times a week. But not every exercise session has to be epic and intense.
For my program, I recommend 2-3 HIIT sessions a week, two tone sessions and then recovery sessions as well. My own Ninjas have Wednesdays and Sundays for recovery (I give them stretching and flow/yoga workouts).
My mum has a philosophy where she believes you should have every second day off – it suits her. You do have to listen to your body. And you do have to fit it amongst a busier lifestyle; now that I'm a mum, exercising every day sometimes doesn't happen for me.
Just do try to do something – like a five-minute walk over a 20-minute workout each day.