Steph Claire Smith reveals her top 10 steps to a winter body

Working out in the chill? Steph’s got you covered!

By OK! team
She's one half of the duo behind wildly successful online fitness program Keep It Cleaner. And now Steph Claire Smith is spilling on how you can stay motivated when the weather turns nasty.
"Each year I get a flood of questions about how to get a beach bod," Steph tells OK!. "The problem is, these questions usually roll in around November or December when the sun's well and truly shining."
Here, the 24-year-old shares her 10-step guide to "get you through the cold and come out beach babe on the other side!"
Steph gives her hot tips on how to use the winter to get an amazing summer body.

1. Figure out your goals

I'm not talking weight goals, but rather health goals, like doing five workouts a week, beating a PB or choosing healthy treats. We're in this for the long haul, so you'll want to break it up into little victories and celebrate your successes along the way. Write your goals down, stick them up on your wall, and reward yourself with something healthy, like a bubble bath or a facial, at each win.

2. Find a friend

Motivation is a killer in winter, so having someone by your side to hold you accountable and talk you out of those bad decisions can be key. Having said that, you're also accountable for yourself – so if your friend cancels on you, that doesn't mean you should cancel, too!
But always listen to your body and don't push through if you do feel really fatigued.

3. Lock it in!

You wouldn't cancel a hair appointment, so schedule in your workout to make it official. I write it down in my diary, and you could even set a reminder in your phone. Treating it like a meeting makes you less likely to opt out.

4. Get in, get out

The idea of smashing out a workout after a massive day at work is horrible. Trust me, I get it! But realistically, 20 minutes out of your day is all it should take. Start by having a plan – write down what your workout will consist of in advance, then do it. No mulling over it at home, no hanging out by the bubbler or fiddling around with a Spotify playlist – just get in and get out!

5. Be realistic

It's vital to manage your expectations. You're not going to do hill sprints in the rain, or stroll along the river in 50km winds. Plan your rest day around the weather forecast and prepare a quick home workout option for emergencies.

6. Get creative

Morning walks and park workouts aren't always doable in winter, so consider options like Zumba, Pilates or kickboxing instead. An online program with at-home training, like KIC, is a great alternative for the cold season. The best bit? No equipment needed, and you can do it in your PJs!

7. No more excuses

Move aside "It's too cold" and "I don't have time". Make room for "Summer is coming!" List all the excuses you can think of. Next to each, write a reason you should exercise. Keep this list somewhere on hand (mine's on my phone). This will help retrain your mindset and prevent you getting in the way of your own goals.

8. Cool your jets

We start in winter because results don't happen overnight. But all too often, people set goals, then give up when they don't see speedy results. Patience is key, as well as a long-term plan (think of winter as phase one). To keep your cool, don't reach for the Tim Tams – meditate instead, using a quick meditation app, and regain control.

9. Get new gear

At risk of sounding like my mum, my best advice is to wear layers. Investing in warmer workout pieces that you can build upon will help you feel more motivated to get moving. I love wearing my oversized crew-neck with my activewear, and I couldn't live without my windbreaker for walks or runs outside – it's light, so I don't overheat, but it blocks out the wind. Cheeky tip: pre-warm your workout clothes near the heater!

10. Revamp your comfort foods

My biggest weakness in winter is all the scrumptious comfort food that my body craves. Sacrificing deliciousness ain't an option, so it's about making some adjustments. The KIC meal plan is basically a goldmine of all my fave foods done healthy. I live by these recipes and I never go hungry or feel deprived.

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