EXCLUSIVE: Steph Claire Smith on how to get THOSE abs and the diet she will never do again

Abs without sit-ups? Sign us up!

By Ellie McDonald
When it comes to health and wellness worth a double-tap, you can't go past fit-fluencer Steph Claire Smith.
Seriously – if the Bondi Sands ambassador isn't jetsetting – and planking – her way across the globe in the name of fitness, she's in the kitchen whipping up her very own Keep It Cleaner Bliss Balls (which you can pick up in Coles, FYI…).
And just when you thought her list of things to do each day couldn't get any longer, she decided to drop by OK! photo studios for an impromptu shoot - and help us wrangle two super-sweet puppies in the process.
Here, the model-slash-fit-repreneur exclusively fills us in on everything from how to get those abs (without doing push-ups) and the diet trend she will NEVER try again…

Staying motivated in winter

For me, I don't exercise for a physical appearance. When I exercise and I am in routine, I have so much more energy and I'm generally happier. I know that if I get out of routine, whether it is cold and raining or sunny, I will still be feeling good on the inside so that's how I try and motivate myself.
I might not exercise outside as much because of the weather but there is always room to get it done.
Just put your runners on - that's the hardest part!

Her cool-weather workout(s)

We have KIC Girls, and on the program there is a mixture of HIIT, boxing, strength and running, and it is all stuff that you can do at home. We have a lot of girls that don't have memberships at all and they find little things around the house - whether it is filled up water bottles or squatting with watermelon - so anything to add a bit of resistance.
It can all be done in a small space and for me, when I am travelling, sometimes I only have my hotel rooms. You can really get a sweat on in a small space! I love doing body-weight exercises with HIIT training.

How to get THOSE abs

I would be lying if I didn't call out genetics because it is my strongest part of my body, and the first place I lose weight and the first that I put on muscle, but when I am eating right and eating less processed foods and drinking lots of water.
I also have my core engaged in almost any exercise whether I am running or doing squats and that has helped me so much with my posture over the years because you don't just have to do sit-ups.

And how to get THAT glow

I try and wear no makeup to the gym because I sweat a lot, if I wear anything I generally stick to a tinted moisturiser or just moisturiser. Clinique has a really great fit range and I have using it a lot lately.
It is about keeping your hydration up and a clean diet because when I breakup it is when I have been having a naughty weekend, because when I am not breaking out it I when I have had a clean diet, eating fresh food and lots of water.
You can have the best skincare in the world but if you aren't taking care of your insides it is going to show.

The craziest diet trend she tried – and then sidelined

I tried to go Vegan, and of course I didn't give it enough time and with all the training I do.
They say you need to give it 2 months to get used to it and I gave it about a week and I was exhausted and lacking energy and my skin was breaking out and they say that's what happens to your body when you are detoxing but for me I don't think it worked because I actually feel good when I eat meat.
As well, being on shoots all the time there isn't as much option of what to eat so it is hard.

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