“Sending love to all women”: The powerful reason why Emma Watkins is donning yellow has nothing to do with her role in The Wiggles

In one single post, Emma has managed to shine a light on such an important issue.
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She went public with her experience with stage five endometriosis in 2018 and now, Yellow Wiggle Emma Wiggle has shared a powerful message of hope for other women going through the same diagnosis.

On Wednesday evening, the children’s entertainer took to her Instagram page to share a video of her donning a pair of yellow overalls as she frolics with two goats.

To many fans and children alike, yellow is of course the colour of the skivvy Emma wears as her role as the iconic Yellow Wiggle.

However on closer inspection, the 31-year-old has revealed the deeper meaning the colour has this month – which marks Endometriosis Awareness Month and the Worldwide #EndoMarch campaign, which raises much needed funds through events for the condition held across the month of March.

“Wearing yellow this month (even more 😌) to raise awareness for Endometriosis 🌼 In 2017, I was diagnosed with stage IV Endo and since, it has been years of discovery and recovery 💛💛 ,” she began.

“Sending love to all women who are #endowarriors and for those who may not be certain about what their symptoms may be trying to tell them 🌟 This month, wear a little yellow everyday for #MarchIntoYellow2021 raising awareness for this invisible illness 🐥 @endometriosisaustralia #wearingmoreyellow 💛💛💛 ,” she signed off the poignant post.

Emma donned a pair of yellow overalls in support of Endometriosis Awareness Month, which runs for the month of March.

(Image: Instagram)

The much loved singer’s post was quickly inundated with message of support and thanks from other women who are battling the condition.

“Thank you, I have it and it hurts 😢,” one person said.

“Thanks Emma for being a true Endo warrior! Having battling stage 4 myself, I know how hard it is. 5 years, 3 surgeries and 2 babies later, I say never give up x x PS love those goats!! 😍😍,” another explained.

“Thank you for helping women worldwide. You have given so many the voice they needed,” one fan noted.

Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of it and it can result not only in pain, but also with fertility issues.

WATCH: Emma Watkins talks about what it’s like living with endo. Post continues after the video…

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In April 2018, Emma was forced to pull out of a string of Wiggles shows due to the chronic health condition so she could undergo surgery.

“I have been in a lot of pain or the past couple of years,” she told the Daily Telegraph at the time.

Speaking directly to others who may be suffering, she added: “Put your health first and get a diagnosis so that you are in the best position to manage this crippling disease.”

“I think in retrospect, I just wasn’t really that aware and I was in pain for a long time but just put it off.”

(Image: The Australian Women’s Weekly)

These days, Emma seems to be in a good place and is using her platform to help raise awareness around the often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed condition.

“I think in retrospect, I just wasn’t really that aware and I was in pain for a long time but just put it off,” Emma told Now To Love in 2019.

“But if you don’t feel right and you know yourself intuitively and in your own body, if something isn’t that right it’s best to get it checked and get it checked more than once.”

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