One week after a C-section and Aussie mum Chontel Duncan is repping a set of rockhard abs (!!!)

“If your instant response isn't positive I challenge you to see beyond your negativity and find the kindness within.”
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Just seven days after giving birth to her adorable second child, Swayde, Brisbane-based PT Chontel Duncan has taken to Instagram to share her post-baby body with her 604K followers.

And it’s fair to say that our jaws collectively hit the floor at the sight we saw.

Yep, fitness model Chontel is rocking one seriously hard-looking sixpack seven days after giving birth to Swayde via C-section but before “anyone jumps down [Chontel’s] throat”, the mum-of-two has something to say to those who have anything negative about her post-partum journey.

“There is no ‘one’ journey or one way, this is my ‘normal’,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I am only one person, so therefore I cannot possible relate to everyone’s experience. If your instant response isn’t positive I challenge you to see beyond your negativity and find the kindness within.”

She then went on to say that once “given the all clear”, she will incorporate light walking and eventually be able to back to training. But, as the 28-year-old, points out, her commitment to exercise and fitness will have to fit in with her “new routine as a mummy of two beautiful blessings”.

Prior to Chontel’s second birth, she had been keeping with her love of HIIT and Muay Thai classes, as well as weight sessions, right up until Swayde was born earlier this month.

Although, despite being fighting fit ahead of her due date with both of her children, Chontel’s birth plans haven’t run smoothly.

As previously reported by The Australian Women’s Weekly, Chontel once claimed that her rockhard abs actually inhibited her first birthing plan to the point where an emergency C-section was made much more difficult for doctors to perform.

Seven months on from giving birth to son Jeremiah in March, Ms Duncan says that her abs made it hard for doctors to get the baby out via an emergency C-section, after other birth complications ruled out her vaginal birth plan.

“This is why my scar was cut up on my right side because the surgeon had to cut me further and use forceps to successfully get Jeremiah out. Perhaps a down side to a strong core,” she said.

However, what Chontel’s latest series of Instagram snaps shines a light on is the fact that every new mum will embark on their own post-baby-body journey – whether they’re into their fitness or not.

Body-shamers, take note.

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